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*PS3* Join Level 5 (6 after today) clan "FnF / Bro Nation" .. Need more members to help achieve more Silver/Gold

Currently we have 6 members with 4 having premium.  Only two of us however really play the clan ops.  Would play more if we had better chance at more than bronze.  No requirements despite needing premium members.  We are all cool people here looking for more down to earth people to help out with the cause so please go to our clan page and submit an application.  We will certainly bring you in no matter what.  (FnF / Bro Nation) Average KD = 1.23 and non clan members we roll with are anywhere between 1.5 to 2.9 kd.  If you have any questions please contact killabud12 on PSN.  Thanks for checking out the post and considering us your potential teammates.