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My NEW Perk Wishlist


Before you start,

There are 4 Tiers, each have 4 perks inside.


Tier One:


Hardline - Earn killstreak with one less kill

Pro - Double Tap to change content of carepackage + Every 2 assist count torwards killstreak.


Ghost - Immune to Spy Plane

Pro - Can not be seen on Heartbeat Sensors


Blind Eye - Unseen by Turrets & Air Support

Pro - Unseen by Motion Sensors


Flak Jacket - Reduced explosive damage

Pro - Reduced stun damage


Tier Two -


Sleight of Hand - Reload faster

Pro - Faster ADS


Steady Aim - Better hipfire accuracy

Pro - Swap weapons faster


Stealth - Plant/Defuse a bomb 25% faster

Pro - Capture a objective 25% faster


Ninja - Footsteps unheard by enemy

Pro - No noise at at all can be heard by enemy.


Tier Three -


Profacy - Have two proficencieson weapon

Pro - Have one extra grenade


Marathon - Unlimited Sprinting distance

Pro - Run 25% faster


Hacker - Enemy equiptment glows red

Pro - Can hack enemy equiptment & boobytrap item packages


Scout - Hold breath longer

Pro - See enemies from longer distance


Tier Four -


Scavenger - Resupply ammo from dead enemies

Pro - Start with extended mags & Resupply grenades


Overkill - Have two primary weapons

Pro - Have attachment on 2nd Primary


Commando - Longer lunge distance

Pro - Stab faster


Recon - Explosive damage shows up on radar

Pro - Bullet damage shows up on radar