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    You get the point dumbfk. Type 95 is a perfect example how bad the weapon balance is and how lazy IW is for not fixing it.

  • 21. Re: Type 95

    right after the mk14

  • 22. Re: Type 95

    I;m still tryng too figure out why your complaing about this gun after almost 7 months

  • 23. Re: Type 95

    Just learn to use this weapon and problem solve. Powerful weapon with Steady perk 3. I call it The Beast

  • 24. Re: Type 95

    because it's still rediculiously OP?

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    I personally think after the nerf its not op. tried using it and I wasn't getting as many 1 burst kills, and the hipfire spread doesnt seem as rediculous anymore.. just my opinion though.

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    yeah i say they should nerf type95 and every damn sniper rifle too. if they are nerfing type they should nerf snipers, i use type when the scopers get unbearable and its to often now. when you use type 95 you actually have to aim since the first nerf they did on it, hip fire isnt any good now, hell hip fire is better with some sniper rifles than type now. so i dont see why would they nerf type again before actually removing QS.

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    Statistically it is overpowered. 2 bullet kill before and slightly after damage dropoff starts.


    It deals more damage per shot than the M60 does


    It deals SLIGHTLY less damage per shot than the MK14 does.


    The hipfire on it is still tight enough to use it as a shotgun, Therefore making all the pump/lever actions completely pointless to use.

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    Type 95 does not need to be nerfed! this gun has many ups and downs to it as mentioned above. Also the hipfire on this gun is crap! i do not know what you are talking about "Zerotick" well maybe its decent with steady aim but than again i dont use steady aim with this gun, i like Marksman. Shotguns need to be nerfed those darn things are annoying and i do believe there is a lag when you are going head to head with someone with a shotgun.

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    I was reading your post until i saw "Shotguns need to be nerfed" Then just stopped.


    Pump-action shotguns and the AA-12 are the most unreliable, and weakest weapons in the game.


    Go ahead. Use the AA-12 for 3 games and tell me about your experience. Chances are you'll be like "This thing is total garbage"


    And the pump actions you'll say "The hell, I shot someone point blank and got a hitmarker?"


    Only the Striker and Usas are balanced.


    If pump actions were more reliable/consistent then they too would be fine


    Aa-12 is just hot garbage.


    PS: The Type 95's hipfire isn't fantastic. But it's good enough to be used as a shotgun still. And the Type 95 only has 1 downside and that is that it takes 2 bursts to kill at the very end of it's damage drop off. And since the gun has no recoil, that's pretty easy to do.