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New Zombies Info: 4v4 Co-op?

The Escapist [Magazine] released an article today [May 22] with info regarding Black Ops 2's storyline which is split into two different time-frames, 1980's, and 2025, but that is not what I am writing for.


The last paragraph is as follows;


     "Multiplayer is, of course, the series' main appeal to most gamers but the team at Treyarch isn't ready to start sharing too many details. What we do know is that zombies are definitely making a return in much larger environments and that 4v4 co-op is a thing."


That sounds absolutely amazing! Does this mean that there will be two four-player teams, competing to see who can survive longs, possibly with pooled points? Maybe 4 players will be in one area, and the other 4 players will be across the map?


I am getting excited for Black Ops 2: Zombies, there will be more information released at E3, naturally.


Full article here (it wouldn't let me post the short-link, sorry): http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/reviews/previews/9630-C all-of-Duty-Black-Ops-2


I would love to hear...read your opinions and thoughts on this article or new Zombies info! Please cite your sources (If you can, lol) so I know you aren't blowing hot-air

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    I'm pretty sure there won't be Team deathmatch featuring zombies as a hazard.  It will probably be a contest to see who can either survive longer or gain more points.

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    4v4 co-op would be rubbish.

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    I heard (or what i caught), they want create more zombie mods (In real, that going to make me one idea why don't they create CoD: Zombies like a game), but this? In real, i don't think there will be a competitive zombies. In normal zombies we compete who kill more zombies. Then, why that? I think, it will be something like infection mode, but it's only theory.

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    This sounds like it is exactly what zombies needs!!!!

    Everybody that is not the type of player that steals teammate kills and box whores, hates the type of player that steals teammate kills and box whores.....

    This mode will be perfect for making zombies more competitive and it would be more about taking kills from the enemy team.

    I can't wait until we find out more about this game type.

    I love you Treyarch!!!!!! <3

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    Here is some info I found


    NOWgamer.com recently had chance to witness the Black Ops 2 campaign in action and did a great job of capturing the smaller details (like guns) that everyone else missed. Treyarch recently lifted the lid on two full campaign levels – The Los Angeles-based mission Protect P.O.T.U.S and a Strike Force Operation battle in Singapore – which were both set in 2025 and showed off tons of future tech.

    According to NOWgamer:
    -In the campaign, David Mason was seen using:
    Type-95 with an “X-Ray ACOG” scope
    KSG (Shotgun)
    VECTOR (smg) “Rapid fire rate, bad recoil”

    -X-Ray ACOG: See enemies behind cover to shoot through walls. (Rumored to be a MP killstreak)
    -Guns are “being rebalanced from the ground up for this game that we’re creating.”
    -Weapon balance is top of the agenda. “Weapon balance is critical. With Black Ops multiplayer, there was a certain balance of gunplay and gameplay that we wanted to strike.”
    -Campaign hints that “hacking or tracking” could come to MP based on Mason’s wrist mounted device. Seen hijacking Quadrotor and CLAW via a dart and beacons on armored vehicles.

    -Mark Lamia confirmed to NowGamer that Black Ops 2 would include a 4v4 zombies mode, which could hint at two teams fighting each other – and hordes of the undead – to ensure survival.
    -Every vehicle shown in the presentation – quadrotors, CLAW mechs, treaded turrets and jets – were NOT ON RAILS and could be used at will by hacking or jumping into them at certain story points.
    -Quadrotors seem to control like Modern Warfare 3’s recon drone killstreak, but come armed with a brutal chaingun.
    -”[Figher Jet Mission] is entirely sandbox and free form, similar to Tom Clancy’s HAWX series, putting the dull, on rails jet section from Battlefield 3 to shame.”


    Black Ops 2 multiplayer delivers a ‘4v4’ zombie mode

    Mark Lamia confirmed to NowGamer that Black Ops 2 would include a 4v4 zombies mode, which could hint at two teams fighting each other – and hordes of the undead – to ensure survival. In addition, Lamia previously revealed that zombies mode is now an integral part of the Black Ops 2 multiplayer engine, and is not a throwaway side offering.

    If allegedly leaked screen grabs are to believed, Black Ops 2 will also feature a full zombies campaign that shows the story of the infestation unfolding before you, along with the tag line “You will understand everything”, hinting that we may finally learn where the zombies came from.

    SOURCE: NOWgamer