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Once again, RIPGhostnRoach here to give you ANOTHER,"BEST CLASS(s) ON MW3, PERIOD! Like the three previous discussions, there are no substitution. These are "the best," and this time I'll be giving you my LMG "Loadout." This Loadout is designed for Long to Medium Range Maps and, specifically, for Ground War. This class is unstoppable and really is not even fair but, the more unfair, the better. Here goes.


Primary- MG36 or MK46 w/ Attachment Proficiency, Silencer, Grip

Secondary- Desert Eagle, Akimbo (Five Seven Silencer) (.44 Mag Tactical Knife) (XM25) (M320 GLM)

Lethal- Throwing Knife (ANY)

Tactical- Portable Radar (Tactical Insertion)


Perk 1- Blind Eye Pro

Perk 2- Blast Shield Pro (Quick Draw Pro)

Perk 3- Stalker Pro


Strike Package- Specialist


Ter1- Sit. Rep. Pro

Ter2- Extreme Conditioning Pro

Ter3- Scavenger Pro


Deathstreak- Juiced (Final Stand)


So, this is just one class. The other ( ) are other choices I made depending on Game Mode, Map, or how I'm feeling. However the words outside the ( ) is the basic class with the exception of the Primary Weapon choice. There're two things different from the MG36 and MK46 and they are opposites. The MG36 deals more damage while the MK46 has a faster firing rate. Also the MG36's "iron sight" is a little obscured compared to the very smooth, very easy to place on targets iron sight of the MK46. Besides that, both weapons with Attachment Proficiency, Silencer, Grip, are very versatile. The weird thing about the LMGs is that WITH the KICK Proficiency and WITHOUT the GRIP attached, the bullet spread is worse then WITHOUT KICK and WITH the GRIP. Naturally Kick with Grip makes the spread even less but, restricts you from choosing the Silencer as a second Attachment. Silencer AND Grip is simply the best.


The reason for all the secondaries is due to what game mode your playing. In FFA, TDM, KC, etc., Handguns as secondaries are the best; excpecally Akimbo Handguns and this is do to the LMGs having the second to worst hip fire spread (second to Sniper Rifles) furthermore, it's not worth taking on Steady Aim due to more important Perks worth taking. It's easier to bring a Secondary, even easier to throw a knife, that makes up for your LMG's below average hip fire spread then to take on a Perk that does it for you. Even though not having to switch weapons, which naturally takes more time, is nice, but, it's really not worth giving up a better Perk; the time it takes to unholster two Desert Eagles is tolerably. While I'm on the subject: the reason why I have Desert Eagles Akimbo'd and the .44 Mag.'s with a Tactical Knife INSTEAD of Akimbo'd (Due to the .44 Mag.'s having the best low hip fire spread WITHOUT Steady Aim) is simple. The Desert Eagle has THE WORST recoil on the while game; out of any other weapon! The .44 Mag. has little to no recoil and can stay on target after three shots in a row (killing targets at extreme ranges) and basically zero recoil after two shot (killing at CQC to Medium Range). Switching the Attachments on the Desert Eagle is not recommended if NOT using it on CQC Maps. The .44 Mag. is best with either Attachment. The Launchers on this Class excel in Modes like Drop Zone and Demolition.


For Lethal you can choose whatever you like in the respected game mode. On all the game modes I prefer the Throwing Knife. This is due to not taking on Slieght of Hand because a LMG's mag. is comfortably large enough to require less reloads. This is why- in the event were you take cover to reload your LMG and a tango sees you do this and comes around the corner but 3 feet in your face. If your good at the Knife, you WILL win this conflict almost every time; trust me, it happens more often then you think. Even with Handguns for Secondary, there is no other faster killing tool on this game then the Throwing Knife.


For Tactical, the Protable Radar and Tactical Insertion work best but, anything else works fine; these two are just the best. The Portable Radar is given, however, the Tactical Insertions is just that, a "tactically assertive" move. LMGs are heavy (second to Luanchers) in movement speed. The Tactical Insertion can help you bridge gaps between you and the enemy over a large map. Placing a Tac. Insert. somewhere in the middle of the map or close by an enemy spawn will save you time and keep you killing more.


Ok. The Perks.


Blind Eye Pro is the best thing about this class. The LMG deals such great damage and has vertically little to no bullet fall off (even with a Silencer). This makes you a walking AA Battery, allowing you to take out EUAVs as if they it were a flock of birds and an Osprey as if it were a toy helicopter. Keeping you hidden for enemy air support is great too.


Out of all the Perk2's Blast Shield is the best choice. This works hand in hand with Blind Eye in the event your too close to a fellow teammate without Blind Eye when a Enemy Predator Missile comes for them or your on the outskirts of one of the enemy bomb runs. Pro'd allows you to recover faster from the blinding effect of Flashbangs and the immobilizing effect of Stun Grenades but doesn't restrict your "up, down, left, right" movement (unfortunately your "movement speed" is still impaired and you can't sprint but, you do recover from the effect faster then normal). However, Quick Draw Pro is a very good perk to have due to the ADS speeds of LMGs being so slow (second to Launchers). This also allows you to use your equipment faster but, most essential, is after it recovers your LMG faster then normal. This will save your life so many times. Although, I don't use Quick Draw Pro on MY Class thanks to this next Perk.


Stalker allows me to live in ADS (all the same reasons as my first entry about the AR Loadout). Never having to leave ADS means I don't need a Perk that puts me into it faster. This makes it to where if a tango isn't doing the same, they will not win. Also, most important, your overall movement speed of a LMG is FASTER moving in ADS then at the ready. What I do is that once I run out of sprint, I go right into ADS. I promise you, with committing to this strategy, you will naturally be the fastest moving LMG Operator on the entire map! Stalker Pro helps out, more so to LMG classes due to the below average mobility, by delaying enemy traps, giving you the time needed to get out of the way.


Now for the best part, the Specialist Strike Package.


Ter1 is so important for one major reason: your not using Assassin. Sit. Rep. as your first reward allows you to see where Portable Radars are and, since you have above average bullet penetration, you'll be able to destroy them, along with other enemy equipment and traps, by shooting them through the cover. Pro'd allows you to hear enemy movement (of those enemies NOT using Dead Silence) loader over your own footsteps and makes it to were you and your team's footstep sound effects quitter (not to be confused with Dead Silence to were your footstep are actually quite to enemy ears, meaning the enemy will hear you and your teammates footsteps as normal). This makes it extremely easy to stay aware and hear enemy movement before you even see them. Speaking of "extreme,"


Extreme Conditioning is Ter2's reward. This is very important because LMGs are the second ranked weapon (second to Launchers) that have the slowest sprint duration. This extends your duration, naturally, increasing the distance you can cover before running out of sprint. This combined with Tac. Insert. and Stalker's first effect makes you the most mobile force on the map. Pro'd is very useful, for LMGs are heavy, making it easier and faster to hurdle over obstacles.


Now, I run Scaveger in Ter3 because I'm using most of my ammo destroying enemy air support. By six kills, I'll  be hurting for ammo, although my Secondary will protect me until eight kills to be granted the Specialist Bonus, granting me Scavenger. For me it's not worth relying on just my side arm to get Scavenger in the Specialist Bonus.


I choose Juiced as my Deathstreak for the fact that the LMG is heavy so your mobility is slow. Spawning with Juiced gives you that extra edge to get back into the game.


As always, I hope you enjoyed this. All I ask is that, if you read through this, to please leave a comment and your opinion on how these classes are. I haven't been getting to many on my last three so, please, go read all of them and comment and ill be sure to answer your comments ASAP.