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This is my house and this is my rifle...


I'm sick and bored so, let me tell you a bedtime story, I'm hoping that it will amuse you and show that there are some silly ways to still have fun on this game.



I was playing TDM on the map Mission as AM soldier, I respawned near the house where people usually go to snipe, I decided to mess around a little with my smoke grenade class.


As soon as I had put my claymore to the stairs I took a carefull peek to the hill with my MK14, I'm happy to see 4 enemy players, one I spotted behind the wall that you can see up the hill from the building, I knew there would already be a sniper since they're hard to spot from that area. Thermal scope tells me the exact location nicely, then another enemy I spot laying on the ground aiming down the hill, near the ruins. Two other enemies are running at the house like maniacs.


Let the fun begin, I took down the first sniper, two bullets was all I needed, then the other sniper laying on the ground was about to get shot, but he escaped, what a pity. Well there were those two fellaws coming at my house, sadly they spotted me and started to shoot me, however at this point it is nice to take a risk as they were standing in bad covers.


I threw my smoke grenade at my feet, slowly I vahinshed from their sighs, they continued to fire at the same spot I was standing at the point I threw the smoke, but I had already taken few steps to the right, I took them both down easily, as the smoke started to disappear, I was bit wounded so I was about to go to the stairs, near my claymore to heal in peace, but the I heard "tick" and boom, got a kill.


I switched to my Tactical 44. because I was sure that there would be another enemy coming close since I heard steps and only one team mate was near by.


As this enemy steps from the door he got stabbed right away, little smirk on my face, I hear another foot steps, taking a quick look on my radar I see a team mate coming closer the door, then I hear few shots being fired, he escapes to safety, to my precious little apartment, next thing I see right after him there rushes an enemy inside the house, how rude I thought and tried to stab him but I missed, he started to fire his gun in panick as I got to shoot 4 rounds at him, now don't you just hate it when only one of them hits because this guy is freaking out, for christ sake, hold still I think and tried to stab him again, however this team mate of mine finishes him with his M4.


Well we survived, my team mate was trying to take a look from the door and got shot right away, he backed off from the door and it was my turn to take a look. I spot two enemies with my 44. One under the bridge with an assault rifle and one on the left, I took two carefull shots at the enemy on the left, didn't get a kill, got wounded and backed down, reloaded and tried again, another two rounds and the guy was down, then I quickly took steps behind so I could heal, I knew that if the guy somewhere under the bridge was smart, he would of emptied the mag to the walls and I would of been taken care of.


Now it was my team mate who went for the guy under the bridge again, he didn't fire a single shot and got wounded again, I figured if he could see the enemy, I took my rifle again and scoped, I saw tiny white spot under the brdige and took the guy down, he would have seen very hard to see without the thermal.


And again for the love of god the respawning... another guy on our right, I took him down with the knife as he tried to enter the house, then it all ends in a nasty way, I hear the sound and get to say awh sh...


Me and my team mate got killed by an RPG...


Now there is more to tell about the house defense, it includes my trip to the enemy side and returning to the house with sentry gun and IMS, but this already became too long.


BTW the class, MK14 SIlencer/Thermal, Tactical 44. Claymore, Smoke... SoH, Quickdraw, Stalker... Care package, Sentry and Precision air strike.


I kept my house!!!