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Call Of Duty: Zombies

         Due to how fun playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie mode was, a couple of my friends and I discussed a new idea for the creators of COD. I do not know how original this idea is but it is worth putting out there for everyone. Our idea was to create a Call Of Duty game based solely on the zombie story and to go more into depth into the beggining of Group 393 and explore more uses with element 115. Feel free to express more thoughts and feelings on the idea.

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    another good idea, I have been putting on forums all over. To introduce difficulty levels into zombie mode. There is a mod out there called cod:waw realism. In this you can select easy/normal/hard/insane. Then on Insane mode, game is from start very hard. Cause many players now playing 20 hours games to make records. This shouldnt be possible, that its so hard, you cant go 20 hours.