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How Assault and Support should have been


this is how i think IW should have done the pointstreaks, what do you think??




4 kills

Care Package

Sentry Gun


5 kills


Predator Missile


6 kills

Precision Airstrike

Assault Drone


7 kills

Attack Helicopter


9 kills

Strafe Run

AH-6 Overwatch


10 kills


Stealth Bomber (is silent while entering map)

Juggernaut (m60 with RDS and grip)


12 kills

Pave Low


15 kills



17 kills

Osprey Gunner




4 kills

Ballistic Vests

Ammo crate (does not exist but should)


5 kills

Airdrop Trap

SAM Turret


6 kills



8 kills

Counter UAV


10 kills

Recon Drone


12 kills

Remote Turret (remove??)


14 kills

Advanced UAV (shows assassin users on time delay)


18 kills

Juggernaut Recon

Escort Airdrop


22 kills

EMP (lasts 40 seconds)

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    I'd put the Sam Turrett back up at 8-10 points, otherwise they are a bit too easy to get and could lead to a lot of spam turrets, essentially negating any air support the opposite team might call in.

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    You missed one trait of the current Support streaks.


    With the current system, you can't do a "short" chain that holds three rewards.  You can do a single 4, two with a 4/5, but the minimum to get three is 4/5/8.


    You offered a 4/5/6 streak.  If you don't want CUAV, you can get a current 4/5/8 package for 4/5/6 in your new set.  It might not seem like much of a difference, but consider that if you get 24 points in a match, then you can complete a 4/5/6 set four times, while you can only complete a 4/5/8 set three times.


    One other possible concern is that the current system overlaps three 18 point streaks.  Bumping the EMP to a higher cost makes it take slightly longer to obtain, but also means someone can take either Escort or Juggernaut and still take EMP as well.

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    The point of the increase of the EMP would be to reduce how many are gained being that you would need 44 points to get 2 compaired to 36 making it harder to chain emp ect as for being able to get Jugg/air i personaly consider both these to be nowhere near as good as EMP the jugg can be killed (somtimes in as little as 5 seconds) can be stolen, the air drop can be shot down without even droping any thing and every thing it does drop can be stolen the EMP on the other hand can't be stopped (unless another EMP is doing so) destroys all killstreaks in play and then block any further killstreaks for a whole minute the increase of points needed to get it reflects that also for the lower chainswhile i understand the point.