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Multiplayer 4v4 with Zombies - New Mode Announced


So info is out that there will be Multiplayer Four vs Four with Zombies.  How this will be implemented is still unknown.


Mark Lamia confirmed to NowGamer that Black Ops 2 would include a 4v4 zombies mode, which could hint at two teams fighting each other – and hordes of the undead – to ensure survival.



I don't believe they will just have 4v4 with zombies as a distraction.


My Guess



Both teams of 4 have to defend off wave after wave like original just in seperate place but visible to each other.


Teams will be able to aid themselves OR add to the hardship of the opposing team. This modified by speed of round completion & maximizing points gained in the round. Points used for.....


Buy a better weapon/perk OR use your money to send more zombies at the opposing team.

Buy a perk that removes the other teams window boards or expands their area to defend.

Other perks that aid in over powering the other team...


Just one idea....


What do you think 4v4 with zombies could mean?