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What Maps Do You Consider "SMG Maps" ?

The MP7 silenced with Range is my favorite SMG - and I almost always use it on Arkaden, Hard Hat, and Sea Town.  These are really the only three maps I consider "SMG Maps" - I mean I've seen people using SMG's on Village but I consider that the worst map in the game for an SMG. For Village I usually break out my MK46 - Village is the best map for an LMG in my opinion.


What other maps do you always use an SMG on ?

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    Having done my first 8/9 prestiges almost exclusively using the ACR, I am now only using the mp7.  At first I didn't much like the mp7 but once I got used to it I can't get enough of it, as you say especially range and silencer.  When the game works for you it is possible to snipe across any map with that gun.  There are a couple of maps when to be successful with the mp7 all you can do is keep moving and hip fire but most of the time that is all I do anyway!  I find if you sit still for too long with it then you go a bit cold and it isn't as effective, that could be me rather than the gun though!

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    Mp7 is good on all maps imo. I currently don’t have an ar class, I just rock the mp7 on bigger maps. For other smgs seatown, bootleg and mission are great imo, pp90 being better than the mp7 there for the cqb areas, especially with rf. There also good to decent at least on arkaden, lockdown, hardhat, underground, dome & carbon.

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      I dropped rapid fire on my PP90 because all it did was waste more bullets.  I swapped it out with Extended Mags and immediately improved my KDR by atleast .5 per game since then.  I also use the attachments proficiency and include silencer.  so I have absolutely no range with the gun.  But I have learned when to take mid distant shots so I am not wasting bullets and not alerting them that some idiot is firing at them with a paint ball gun.  As for what maps to use it on, I use it on every map except Blackbox.  Almost all of them have a CQB area that sems to attract alot of people and that is where you go with it.  Blackbox is different because the long lines of sites pretty much go into every single building and only the airplane is a good CQB area.

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    i think all the small maps like dome hardhat arkaden, also seatown.

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    every map is good for using smg, small cluttered with a million ways to get to a-b for the kill

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    - Sea Town and Mission from the original maps, and Piazza and Oasis from the DLC are SMG only for me.


    - Dome, Lockdown, Arkaden, Hardhat, and Overwatch can go either way for me, and I've had success with both SMGs and ARs on these maps.


    - Interchange and Liberation are the worst for SMGs, in my opinion.  Village is close.


    The other maps are highly dependent on which part of the map you are focusing on; e.g. Carbon and Resistance.

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    I use SMG's almost exclusively on...











    and Piazza


    I use AR's and Snipers almost exclusively on...





    and Interchange


    And depending on what I'm feeling like, I switch it up on...






    and Resistance


    I rarely play Bakaara, Downturn, or Outpost so no real feedback there.

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    I almost exclusively run SMG's, either P90 or MP-7 and I can run with them on any map.  Lately though I have been going back to the ACR on the larger maps though.


    Main CQC maps to run SMG's in (IMO):


    Arkaden - the corners of the malls, mixed with the garden cafe area make for great battles


    Dome - of course


    Hardhat - even though it does have areas that are the length of football fields, more often then not you are running up someone's ass around a corner


    Mission - the middle area makes for a great place to run back and forth between spawns and get a great killstreak going, only done with an SMG


    Resistance - I run SMG most of the times on this map because I am just drawn to the center courtyard and house


    Underground - Most of the time I am inside, running along the office or in the lobby of the train station, great CQC areas


    Piazza - YIKES!!  Shitty map but an SMG's dream world.


    Most any map you can beast with SMG's.  These are just some examples. 


    The only maps I almost NEVER run SMG's on are Liberation, Interchange and Village.  Those maps are too big and have long ranges of site, they are just easier when running an AR. 

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    Piazza - steady aim and an smg = too much fun for words.


    Hardhat - oh yeah. PP90 and MP7 run that map.


    Once Foundation is in general play, it's a monster for SMG'rs on the side with the concrete pipe. The open area on the other side isn't so hot, but the other edge... yeah...