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USA - need better TIMES for CLAN-OPS especially for us living in the Eastern Time Zone


Im not looking to start a war of words over what time frame Clan-Ops best fits everyone. All I know is I paid for Elite like everyone else.Elite is now hosting games that 60 out of my 70 Clan-mates cant play,... ever.!


We need more diversity in the Clan-Ops times. Clan-Ops at 2PM EST on a Friday and Sunday are ridiculous. First off , most schools dont get out till after 230PM and most of the work force is still at work and Sundays at 2PM...right in the middle of the day during Spring/Summer???


So why not a 9PM EST start on Fridays and a 6PM start on Sundays... By appeasing the Europeans your screwing the USA.

A weeknight Clan-Op would be nice too for those that work weekends..


If you agree that these times s*ck, please keep this topic going.. Elite has now scheduled the next 3 weeks of Clan-Ops during these un-playable hours..