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No one plays the objective, so why should !?

I'm fed up of playing objective based games and no one on my team going for the flags. I'm trying to capture the HQ and no one is helping. All they want to do is get their KDR up. Even the other team is playing as though it is TDM. I spawn the other side of the map away from the objective and the opposite team is running about killing rather than trying to get the objective.


So that's what I started doing in the end. Fcuk the objective, I'll do what everyone else is doing. I hate playing like that but you have to sometimes when everyone is doing the same.

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    Only play objective based games when running with a party, alternatively, stick to TDM or FFA.

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    I try too but I'm **** and get killed loads

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    so if they all were jumping in front of a train would you? if you are stuck on a team that isn't playing the objective just back out the match.

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    I agree...


    But the problem is when people are judging the skills of other players on stats (with the exception of W/L), the community has caused the problem that you have described.


    ... most people would not even think it is a problem...

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    I respect the fact you have been trying but you can't always be that "one man army" player doing to work for your team. (but it does feel great when you carry your random team to victory).


    All I can say is if you're really struggling playing with randoms when it comes to objective based games, I'd suggest partying up more often with friends who you know will play the objective.


    And I'm not talking about a full party, at least 3 players at most.


    For me, I lost interest in playing solo due to random teammates not knowing how a game of Domination or HQ operates. I play with a party of 3-6 to keep my sanity in playing MW3 & knowing that my teammates won't take K/D over winning.


    edit: I noticed you don't have anyone who plays MW3 on your friends list but you should try to make friends on the forums willing to party up with you

    Preferably in the same country so you won't be affected by lag/matchmaking issues.

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    Can be frustrating - I play alot of Domination and see games like this - I just do my thing and try for the win - I usually end up with a ton of points from capping.


    MW3 made a HUGE mistake by not having Caps/Defends on final scoreboard like Black Ops did - I think it helped inspire people to go for the objectives more.  And you could plainly see the killwhores.

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    Get a mike and don't rant - just ask them if they are going to play the objective to win or just rack up kills. If they don't answer or continue to forget what mode they are in, leave.


    BUT - it will help you find players in lobbies that WANT to win via objective. I like domination matches adn because I was doing them as a random I found a clan that I played with five or six matches in a row with - now I've got a team that is large enough so that no matter when I get on, there are at least two other people to join up with.


    Make it known that you want to win, not just pile up bodies.

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    If anyone wants to add me Muscle-Milk-KTM. Im from the UK and have a mic.

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    This is the problem with playing objective games with randoms, you never know what you might get. Play with a team if you can if not, take it like a man do your job and do not depend on the rest.

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    i'm a real objected player, nr1 in my frends list of capturing (domination), but when i play solo i play TDM. for just that reason

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    I have nearly 15 days gameplay almost 100% exclusively on domination.  To be honest, I think I have seen fewer killwhores in MW3 than other CoD games.  Maybe they are all hiding in other objective based games, or I've just been lucky, but domination doesn't seem to have many.  You get the occasional game, had one just a minute ago, and you get one or two on a team, but it seems rare to have the whole team just going for kills.  To be honest, especially when it's double XP, I don't mind too much anymore, I'll get 2 or 3 of the flags and sit back and take the easy win.  In matches like that I dont bother running around because thats what they want you to do to get their kills.

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    Here is your issue, you're worrying about your teammates. If you're playing solo, just do you. Don't rely on teammates to play the objective, don't rely on teammates to watch your back, don't rely on teammates to shoot down air support. If you want something done right, do it yourself, end of discussion. Not all randoms are bad, but the vast majority of them are not going to coordinate with you, so don't expect it.


    Long story short, play it like a FFA where sometimes the green triangles might actually help you out on occasion. If you want to cap a flag, go do it. Don't expect help.

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    When running SOLO, if I can turn the game around I will.  If not, then most of the time I will sign out and let it direct me back to the main menu. 


    Your best bet is to team up with at least one other player.  A buddy of mine I constantly play with and myself can easily win a game even when our team is camping on their *******.  Last night we had a match of HCKC, we were 3820 and 3660 score and the rest of our team was under 1000, but we still won the match because of our efforts.  Now if it would've been just me in that match, I would've signed out and let it re-direct me back to the main menu.  I'm not taking a loss because my team doesn't know how to play objective based games. 

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    Reason why w/l is utter nonsense. I have lost games in tdm going 37-2 ect. Or dom getting 5000 plus xp, loads of kills, caps and defends. While giving my team 3 emps.


    You can see the stats before a game, so judge by yourself. Personally I have helped noobs win a lot, which is fun but damn they are annoying especially when they don't clean their shi-t. I back-out if they give me the noob team twice or 3 times in a row. Not worth the frustration. I don't mind playing experienced and good players, but give me some decent players as well. I feel they should remove splitscreening and give newbs a boot camp playlist.


    I have also played in a full parties, not very fun on the long run imo. Small parties and decent matchbalancing, that's what I like to play.

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    Just been playing solo on the Elite playlist and everyone was singing from the same hymm sheet for once. Everyone was capping and defending. It makes the game a whole lot more fun to play. Will try tomorrow and it could be a whole different story though.

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    Always play the objective or piss off back to TDM!!

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    i always play random, and i just go about my business of trying to cap objectives, regardless of what my teammates are doing. even if i have no shot at winning, i still play like there's a chance. sometimes, new people join the game, and the game turns around.

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    I have a game Ill post in a couple of days. Its pitiful how ppl dont play the objective even when its wide open and they are all nxt to it. Worst DZ game ever. 60+ kills, I destroyed the enemyt and they destroyed us in a land slide. All 5000 DZ points where from me alone.