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Left over scrub players and a stupid beachhead descision


Thank god there is now an application for people to join clans. Before people would waist time by adding you and texting to see if they could join... Annoying when it's 10 different convo's to keep up with at once. Plus you only have room for 100 players on your friends list and there is only 100 slots in the clan for members. Let's do the math beachhead.... brilliant Beachhead, Brilliant! (sarcasm) *sigh*. So if you you have 100 members in your clan then your not allowed to have friends on your friends list?


Scrub players always try to get into a clan to get the benefits from the clan with out actually supporting them. I have seen people blatently lie about the K/D ratio they have, about the status of their elite accounts, about being able to give the 500 xp boost and that it's enough to make any admin be reluctant to put restrictions on people joinning.


Scrub players, yeah, you free elite users that don't even have a mic, yeah you. We see you coming from a mile away. K/D can be faked easily and most of the time if you are accepted it's a priviledge because in essence you can't even contribute in the least. Most of you act like we owe you something when you got it all wrong. It's actually the opposite!


Remember that you came to the clan admin(s) and asked to be part of thier group! Again a priviledge. you want to be a casual player, fine then DONT JOIN A CLAN. Clans are teams. Teams need cohesion and CO OPERATION especially during ops. Oh What? You expect us to bust are azzes off so you can get free double xp? Nahhh No, more of that. This is were that stops. We are clearly tired of you and if you find yourself in this position smarten up allready, spend the 10$ at walmart to get a mic and actually vontribute to the clan by giving your xp boost and/or participate in clan ops by being premium.


God i can;t wait t'ill clan challenges are released, then maybe the free players that beleive in the team might be able to participate but that's bechead for you though "it's coming soon!"


Rant over