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Looking for People Who Are Into Hiding Like Hidden Masters. Details Within!

If you havn't ever heard of The Hidden Masters, then where have you been? Anyways, here a vid...




So, the idea is to hide all in one big lump, somewhere not so obvious.


Basically, you slap on: A Sniper for the Ghillie Suit, a Pistol, Blind Eye, Assassin Pro (100% Crucial), with either Smoke or a Radar and a Betty or Clay.


When we get to our spot, (we have several per map), you go prone and start double-tapping Triangee. It never ceases to amaze how blind enemies are!


We have plenty of experience, and lots of Full Match TDM Wins form getting like 1 Kill ha!


Leave your PSN ID on here if your interested and Il get back to you ASAP, if your bored a bit with MW3 this is the perfect way to revitalise your interest, its so much fun, and plenty of people are still very much in the dark about this sort of thing.