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Recent increase in hacking?

Anyone have any idea why the hackers are back in BOs? Seems like a big increase lately, it died down a bit when they moved on to MW3, but now they are back. Did MW3 get a patch or something?

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    No patch for MW3....usually averages around 10,000 online now and I just came off Blops and it was over 36,000!! The most I've seen on Blops.  So that's about 10,000 hackers on MW3 at a time now.  lol        It's pretty bad though.

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    It sucks that they are beginning to infest the greater of the two games..

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    it because for the wii console there is no new maps thats why check zombies online people are looking for hackers cuz it boring playing the same map over and over and mw3 well..........not so much just the people are waiting for maps on Black Ops (wii) if you check multi-player ther is almost none but i cant say for the ps3 or 360 i dont own one (way to much money bills come first) but yea wii has most of the hackers on black ops cuz it boring playing the same maps get new maps and viola hackers drop ???% cuz it now fun to see how far to get on a new map. tell me if you had only one map what would you do??? dont tell me you wont find something to entertain that same map (jus no cheating lobbies that you can get stronger on thats is not fair) beside that yea zombies do get boring spicing it up with those who do hacks i dont...(cuz i dont know how to ) it does get fun with what ever they have for it i have played with someone who hacked tha things you can do for s*** and giggles but beside my opinion yea well hopes this dont offend people and other consoles users i'm a true gamer i dont have a prefence on console gaming jus money is the point in my case


    *(being poor is like dying)*

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    I agree with all of the post's, the hacker are making the the game not worth playing. I hope that we get an update soon. Let's see what happens. Wait that's right we probably won't get an update until Wii U come's on out or Black Ops 2. 

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    updates on Wii?


    not going to happen.


    WiiU will solve all of our problems.

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    yea but wii u 300$ i would rather stick to trusty plus every new system that is released Trashed on the first day then braught back to remantance same with 360 an ps3 wii yea (riivoulutin 2005) and came out with wii

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    Over the past few days I've encountered a few hackers on Zombies.

    First one gave everyone about 160,000 points.

    2nd one flew over to the Kino Der Toten stage. :/

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    I think someone hacked my account today, lost all my points, and am now negative 2 billion plus.

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    Hackers are disabled people.