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Lag since last update

Is it just me, or is anyone else experiencing huge lag spikes while in game? This started happening to me since last patch/update.


I used to play smoothly on a 3 bar (sometimes 4 bar), but not it's getting to the point where this game isn't even playable. Constantly playing on a red bar, and if I'm lucky, 2 bars. This last update just killed me, and now I can't even enjoy Double XP weekend because of this.

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    its been on and off for me since november if your just getting this now youve been lucky.

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      My connection has been slightly updated recently bought a new billion router but now I'm getting host most of  the time and my connection is just not good enough.. I start lagging and jumping around and when I jump out of game it goes straight to finding new host screen... The host selection is pants and killed what enjoyment I had left in the game....

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        I had the same problem when I changed to fibre optic, going into 75 ping matches now is a waste of time, however getting into 50 ping matches can be a chore it can take 6-7 attempts to get in a match (a few times more than 10 attempts) and even then I would have to say 30% of matches are completely unplayable. The usual stuttering, insta deaths, lag on gun firing - in fact on these matches I spend more time watching Killcam in disbelief how different the scenario!!,  with the worst being the insta deaths and invisable bullets.  I have set myself a target of 10th prestige (currently 8th) then I am done with this game, I will not spend anymore on DLC neither.

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    I have a hard time getting a game with 50ms ping ever since the new maps came out. Mostly I end up playing 75ms ping games but consistently have problems with lag. Hosting almost always ends with me quitting mid-match because that makes the lag even worse. I'd love nothing more than having a day of gaming where nobody teleports across my screen, I always get hit markers when I am on target and the bullets I fire don't disappear when I am watching the killcam.

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    The worst lag is the stuttering when you get host. It's because the game isn't optimised for PS3 and the CPU spikes when people join and leave.


    Yet another example of PS3 users getting ****** on AAA titles.