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call of duty zombies, my idea of a great map, add your improvements and make this go to Treyarch!!!

Imagine if they made an apocalyptic farm of the dead with a bunch of super gory traps that you could get zombies stuck in and watch them die. The more interesting the deaths the more points awarded. Also they could have underground areas to the farm. Then the tunnels could have traps and laboratories. So like a hidden underground 935 nuclear bunker it would go with the line "dont judge a book by its cover". The map would look terrible but it would really be complex and huge. And finally you need to ravel through this immense tunnel and labs system to complete an easter egg that leads you to an underground train station. You have then to launch the train and keep zombies away from it. The train ride would end in apocalyptic Paris (since earth was blown up) with destroyed buildings and debris everywhere.you would find some survivors of the apocalypse there and you would have to help them to a bunker under the eiffel tower as you fight every zombie type made by Treyarch so far. To get in the bunker you would have to link the Eiffel tower (which would be a secret antenna) to the Farm (which when activated by the train easter egg turns into a satellite beacon/ energy collector) Then the bunker would open and you could let the survivors in there. But not before you have to fight a boss the boss would be a ghost/materialized Richtofen zombie controlled by Richtofen on the moon. Then when you defeat him, the bunker will close and you will be safe momentarily. Inside the bunker there will be a nuclear launch computer and a single tube/canister filled with a cure for the element 115 caused zombie infection. Then to escape the bunker and not suffocate from a deadly gas that has started seeping into the room, you have to choose to either nuke apocalyptic Paris. killing hundreds of survivors and the survivors you are protecting, and pretty much sending this city (which is considered a safe zone compared to the rest of the world) into complete hell, or you could choose to simply take the cure and escape the bunker with the train and the survivors back to the farm/array. Therefore finishing the easter egg, then you have choice, to keep killing the undead and therefore making Paris safer, one meatbag at a time, or you could end the mission right there. so it would tie into a campaign for zombies and it would give the freedom of regular survival mode. If you choose survival mode, the rest of the match would play out like a regular zombie map (kill or be killed), but this time (since its the apocalypse) you would have, instead of dog rounds, rampage rounds, in which all the zombies ever made (phasing zombies, crawlers, gas zombies, dogs, napalm, screamers, and regular zombies) would come after you in unstoppable ammounts for a designated time. you could choose then to either have fun killing the zombies in creative ways using the farm traps and getting lost in the burnt wheat fields as zombies come at your from everywhere, or you could go to Paris (via train) and kill zombies with all the future turrets/robots (that have survived) that the city has to offer. or if you feel up to the challenge and like close quarter maps, you could take a trip to the labs/catacombs/tunnels under the farm and try to stay on the move as gas zombies spawn in huge amounts, covering your exit points and making it harder to see and stay aware of how many zombies there are around you. The lights wouldnt work down there all the time too.

Also the farm area would have a unique version of zombie hounds that are bigger and more aggressive and actually hunt you down using ambushes instead of just charging at you. As previously said, the tunnels would have a more explosive type of gas zombie, more gas=more difficulty. Finally Paris would have flying napalm zombies that crash near you and explode into radioactive fire. The New perks would be heat vision, you can toggle between normal and heat vision to be able to spot new zombies.the new zombies would be phantom zombies, who can only be seen with the heat vision perk, They would have their own round and would spawn all over the huge map, like dogs would. They can drain the total ammo your weapons can have so when you get max ammo at the end of the round, you will not be able to have the extra 500 rounds (apart from your original mag) your lmg would have if the phantom zombie would not have attacked you.The phantom zombies can down you too and they will come in large amounts, making them a real threat. Their idea would be based of the Ascension map song, which has a verse that says "They are all inside my head". These zombies would be ghosts and to make it more fun, only the player who is sam can see them without the perk, leading to a lot of screaming an hilarity stemming from the fact that the rest will think that one player in crazy, until they also get their ammo stolen. It will add a creepy factor. Also the perk name can be "HOT tequila" lol. It would be ironically funny, considering many zombies want to eat your brains. There would be an equipment item called "F115 open sesame" which would be a hacking computer used to hack doors to open them without paying. There would be another perk called "brainiac's soda" which would make opening the doors with the f115 open sesame 2 times faster than it regularly would.Doors are futuristic so hacking can take a LONG time. Also all the perks previously introduced in zombies would be available. Finally, about the choice in completing the easter egg (damnation or salvation) the next map's story would be based off of that and it will not play the same way for everyone. If you want however, you could (after all the story line for bo2 zombies is completed and all the maps have been released) redo the story of each map and get a different end to zombie bo 2 story line. but this option would not be able to be used until you have completed the easter egg stories for every map. also you cannot play the next map released through DLCs until the current map's story has been resolved.