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map ideas

One map idea that i had in mind would be a jail. This map would take place in a jail or Pow camp somewhere in germany. The jail would have many sets of confusing and misleading path ways. it would be very large but most area would be tight and inclosed. This map would include many diffrent cells that you can enter. Most of the jail cells would be closed of and you would not be able to acceses them. The map would include long hallways which are hard to move around in. the spawning place would be in the court yard of a jail. you would be able to move into the cafiteria which would be the largest and easiest to move around in. The story behind it would be that this jail was at one time held all of Richtophen's test subjects for the super soldiers. he would need to return there to retreve a mysterious gun. this gun is would hold a type of nova gas that when sprayed on the zombies makes them grow larger and go insane and kill both zombies and people in the area. the gun has about 20 bullets.



This is one of my ideas. tell me if you think if its good or bad in the comments