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My perk ideas (Read then Reply)


hey guys I have been looking at a couple of recent posts about perks and how they should be set.well hear is my set I think its balanced hope you like it. tell me what you think thanks.


Tier 1:

Ghost -Invisible towards spy planes and motion sensors/portable radar.

Pro-invisible to IR/Thermal and no red name or crosshairs.


Hardline-Earn point streaks with one less kill.

pro-Second chance at care package and 2 assists count towards point streak.


FlakJacket-Take less explosive damage.

Pro-Safely throw back grenades and flinch less when shot.



Thick Skin-Takes 2 knifes to kill

Pro-Take no direct impact damage.


Scavenger-Start with more ammo plus replenish ammo from the dead.

Pro-Start with 1 extra primary and secondary grenade.


Spy-Appear as a Friendly on enemy map.

Pro-Killstreaks appear as friendly on enemy map.


Tier 2:

Marathon-Run 2x as long.

Pro-Mantle over obstacles and climb faster.Sprint when prone (prone speed is doubled.)


Blind Eye-Immune to enemy killstreaks.

Pro-Launchers lock on faster.


Bling 2.0-Equip 2 Proficiencies on primary weapon.

Pro-Equip 2 Proficiencies on your secondary weapon.


Overkill-Equip a primary weapon in place of your secondary weapon.

Pro-Equip a proficiency on your secondary as well as camo.


Sleight of Hand-Reload faster.

Pro-Swap weapons faster.


Marksman-Identify enemies from further away.

Pro-Hold breath longer.


Tier 3

ExoSuit-Resistance to fire damage.

Pro-Resistance to concussion,flash,and gas grenades.


Quickdraw-Aim down sights faster

Pro-Throw and recover for grenade and equipment usage faster.


Ninja-Move silently Immune to heartbeat sensor.

Pro-Hear enemy foot steps louder.


Hacker-Locate enemy equipment.

Pro-Hack enemy equipment and turrets booby trap enemy care packages.


Steady Aim-Increased hipfire accuracy.

Pro-Ready weapon faster after sprinting plus faster knife recovery.


Stalker-Move just as fast as when aiming down sights if you were running.

Pro-Delay enemy equipment timer when triped.