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Treyarch are taking Zombies to the next level. With new game modes, bigger maps, 8 player co-op and running on the  multiplayer engine, its going be capable of doing some pretty impressive stuff. Treyarch have been listening to the community a lot for Black Ops 2 and you can actually tell that by the improvements they've made to the game but in Zombies there is something worrying me. Where is the ranking system! Without it, there's really no point in playing Zombies except for fun but I need an actual meaning to play it. Here's an example to all you Zombie fans, you get to a really high round, great but now what, just start again? Well that's what happens in BO. What if for great achievements like that, you actually gain something for it, loads of xp? 50 levels altogether and you gain perks and attachments as you rank up. It happens in survival on MW3 why not on Zombies? It will also have allot of benefits, for example when matching you with other players online it matches you with people the same skill level as you. Zombies is more than capable of handling it, the multiplayer engine is being built into it fore goodness sake, there's every reason why Zombies should have ranking system. I could go on saying how a ranking system would improve it but that would basically be me given reasons why a ranking system should be in the multiplayer.

My lost notes, Treyarch I'm going to put this bluntly, all those great improvements your making to Zombies, I couldn't care about because unless threre's some form of progression I will be simply playing the multiplayer a whole lot more.