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I keep getting booted from Servers by people I don't know. How do I avoid this?

I have the pc version of Black Op's. I have been trying to lvl and earn weapons to purchase but I keep getting booted from matches. The reasons given are always like, Weapon not aloud on server, stop camping  stop killing me and things like that. I am currently lvl 10 and it is taking way to long when I am booted from just about every match.


For the camping, I have a sniper mentality. I kill one or two people then move to the next area then do the same thing. Basically fire and move.


As for the weapons that I use, I use only the weapons that you can get before lvl 10. Because I can not seem to be able to finish a match to help me lvl faster. I do have the noob tube on the Enfield and I do use that every once in a while but recently I just stopped using it and have been using the default assault rifle. I still get booted and in the reason its something like stop camping or weapon is not permitted on server and things like that. I have only received the stop killing me as a reason once.


Well its taking me forever to lvl and its like I can only finish two out of every five matches. I am new to this game but I play it as I have all other online first person shooters that I have played. I am seeking advice on how to deal with this and how can I make it where I won't be booted from a match just for playing according to the rules of the game?


Please give me advice.