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  • Re: MW3 MG36 MOAB

    Step 1- Learn to embed the video on the forum.


    Step 2- Create good content. Like I told you on another post you had, gameplay is just a part of that.


    Step 3- If you put out quality, you will get more views, which will get you more likes, which will grow your channel.


    You have an obnoxiously long 20 second plus intro begging for Subs and Likes. You are doing a commentary on this video begging for subs and views. This is an MW3 forum,  you are not allowed to spam for likes and subs. If you make entertaining, informative videos, you will get views and subs. People like videos and sub to channels because they enjoy the material, not because they are constantly harassed to do so. Still need to work on the commentary, it tends to ramble, and this video quickly became unwatchable.