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Can I recover the recent games my theatre/vault deleted?


I was sniping earlier and I was getting some nice streaks and feeds so I wanted to upload them to youtube. Anyway I had to do something so I turned off my xbox for like 10 minutes (I checked and it was there before I turned my xbox off). I come back, look in the theatre and the match is not there along with about 5-10 other games I'd played recently (past hour or so). When I checked CoD Elite on my laptop they were all there so it must be a theatre problem. Whats also wierd is that games from like 8 days ago are still there but yet my theatre cannot even save the games I played 30 minutes ago!? Im posting because this is not the first time this has happened. I've had a throwing knife across Bakaraa S&D first blood and my vault done the same thing. in both cases I stayed in the game till the end. Does anyone know if I can do anything about this or how to prevent the problem? Thanks.


- Cameron

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    it takes awile for it to upload to your theatre but ive never got anything deleted but theres probly no way to retrive it

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    I just had a similar problem... I've had it before, but not for over a month. I managed to get into a lobby with Optic Marky and managed to actually kill him a few times lol, but when I went to the theatre to retrieve it, all my games from the past hour or so had vanished.....

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    Hey Camzy,


    For Xbox 360 users the recent games are saved to whatever device selected when the game is launched. They are in a folder so whatever content is saved there will display in-game. Now if there is any corrupted data found in the folder, it will corrupt everything in this folder rendering it useless. You will have to delete the folder and stomach losing any other recent games not saved to your online vault.


    For PS3 all of you saved games for the theatre are saved the same way but it is not detailed. All of the data is grouped under the Game Data Utility folder. Once that data is deleted it will delete all recordings not saved to your online vault.


    What console are you playing on?