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Black Ops (Ps3) clan

Looking if anyone wants to help me start a clan for black ops and black ops II even though its a long way to go.


Basically im hoping to start a Competitive clan that can possible also be a gamebattles team.




1. Must be over 13 years of age

2. Working mic

3. Over 2.00 W/L and K/D   My W/L 3.02 My K/D 4.09




Game modes and such.

_______Black Ops___________


{Team deathmatch}

{Domination}  {Comeption}

{Search and Destroy}

{Sabotage} and {Headquarters}

are pretty much the only gamemodes we

will play




If so add Spookz_Winz

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    You can join my clan if your good, heres my Clan's website: nolansherwood.wix.com/mia

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    I would like to join you Spook-Winz im 15 i have a working mic and my K/D is 1.34 dont let the KDR fool you im actually pretty good and i dont know what W/L means haha

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    My W/L is 2.78 and my K/D is 2.40.  In addition my Accuracy is 17.00% and mainly play DOM.


    As for your game modes you listed, I abosuletly Hate S&D but i still play it with a party only.


    TDM's are just if i wanna Pub Stomp or warm up.  I play Demo the way it should be and that is to Spawn trap (try hard style) and extend the game to Round 3 than Win.


    As for headquarters, I capture up until 200ish and than I allow the team to cap so that way our team can rack-up on the Kills (i hate randoms because they cap it when we are in a lead of 200)


    When the game is about to end is when i make the last minute cap..  If this is what your clan does or know about (with your stats you should know exactly what im talking about lol) than Please reply back

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    think i seen you in the competitve playlist a couple times. its the only thing i play in. im lookin for what your tryin to start. my stats are **** cuz my account is old. but i try to play against clans as much as i can and i can hold my own. if i would have been as good as i am now, before, id probably have 2.5 k/d. lookin to make a new account anyways. not gunna try to convince anybody anything though if you get enough players cool, if you need one more person/wanna try me out, hit me up BallisticB-- on psn, i dont meet your preferences so im not gunna add you outright first. iight late

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    add me bigdogforlife