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Lag, lag and more lag. Why? (Not a rant. Just some points.) :)

     Ok, I've always know that the connections in this game, Modern Warfare 3, are definitely the worst out of the past Call of Duty titles. I have always wondered, "Why?". Since I have a pretty good internet connection, not the best but good, Something like 30mbps Download and 5mbps Upload, 20ms ping and ZERO packet loss.  You would think that, with time passing, developers would get better at improving lag or matchmaking. It does not seem that way. Let's go back to Modern Warfare 2. That game's connections were IMMACULATE, nearly perfect. I had host %80 of the time and everyone had a 4-bar and rarely any 3-bar people. Even wirth a 2-bar this game was manageable Even GROUND WAR was fun. It almost never picked bad host and when it suspected it did, it triggered a host-migration. Black Ops seemed the same. Good, but not as good as Modern Warfare 2.


     Now we begin with Black Ops. At launch the connections were pretty bad, but they got better after a couple of patches. Throughout the game connections only improved and improved. It even had a regional matchmaking option. The only problem with that game was the the hit detection, but other than that, the connection were pretty good. I was picked as host a good amount of times and Ground War as manageable. Today with Modern Warfare 3 it does not seem to be so.


     Modern Warfare 3 was a game that I was desiring so badly. I went to COD XP and everything. I played the game that day. We played against eachother and eveything was fine, being LAN. At launch, the matchmaking was horrendous. It took 10 - 15 minutes to find a match. Even when it did find a match the connections were not that great. Today, matchmaking is fast. It takes less that 45 seconds to find a match. But the thing that bothers me is the connections.


     The connections in Modern Warfare 3 are ridiculously bad. Rarely will I find a match with a connection that I am satisfied with. I know this is not just me. There are MANY people saying the same thing I am. I have noticed that, in Modern Warfare 3, I am RARELY host. I was playing a match on on Team Deathmatch one day. There was an open spot on my team. A random player comes in mid-game. The player seemed to not be "good" or even barely played the game. Point being he had a 1-BAR. After that match, in the pre-game lobby, it changes host. Next game right after, there is a host migration mid-game. The person that triggerded the migration was the person who joined mid- game on the last match. Then I realized that that person had a 1-BAR! Ever since, I noticed that the game picks bad hosts. Why is this? When I get picked host, and the other team "rage quits", it doesn't or even rarely bring any players in. When the game picks bad hosts it seems to "fake" the bars that you have. Either almost everyone has a 4-bar, but it will still lag. What I want to know is, why was the game made to do this? Was it really made to get the attention of the casual gamer and not the hardcore? Was it to destroy the Modern Warfare name since the whole lawsuit with the former heads of Infinity Ward? Why wasn't the same netcode as Modern Warafe 2 or even Black ops used? I'm tired of these questioned being unaswered.


     Some light must be shed onto these problems. And hopefully, maybe be fixed.

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    On the begining, the development of the  game was given to team West and Zampella, who worked for Activision. Month, after they started the project, they were fired for colaborating with other company. MW3 went to SledgeHammer Games, which has never done any COD before. There's a billion dollar lawsuit agains Zampella team, stating, that the game would have been  much better, if they finished it, which means, that the game at its present form is not good. It's a dirty gaming within the companies and people involved in craetion of this unfinshed/broken game.

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      Quote "Month, after they started the project, they were fired for colaborating with other company".



      Theres no evidence to support that they were colaborating with "other company". Activision said that in order to have justified firing West and Zampella in order avoid paying them bonuses which were in their contract. 


      Activision wanted to  fire West and Zamplla many months before they actually were fired, because Activision didnt like their attitudes! Activision was trying to find proof of West and Zampella working with EA by breaking into West and Zampella's email accounts, but failed to find any evidence.


      And even though MW2 had much less lag compared to MW3, why didnt Sledgehammer\IW\Raven use the mw2 multiplayer software instead of creating the one currently used in MW3 which is a complete mess. That was simply a bad decision by Sledgehammer\IW. 

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      they left after the release of mw2

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    turn off your thetre in the main menu if u lag so much.

    and every games gonna lag, unless you play with your 17 next door neibours

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    switching off theatre mode doesn't help much. i've tried doing that, adjusting my MTU, i even tried different up/download speeds and services (not solely for the purpose of the game, just happened to have switched). nothing helps. 1 out of every 10 games or so is decent. it's just how the game is. since there isn't a whole lot we can do, just deal with it or stop playin'. so we stopped playing.

    i've started following these forums to see if some changes get made. i'm hopeful, for the moment.

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    I completely agree OP. 


    The people at IW think that me being middle of US (Colorado), should be matched up to people in Syria, Netherlands, England, and Colombia....  WTF?!?!?! 


    There are 4-5,000 people playing HCKC at any given time.  You are telling me that this game can't find another lobby of 6 people  within the US or Canada?!?!?!  Yea right.  I don't believe it for one second and if they'd just get their head out of their ass and include a local matchmaking option, I truly believe that 90% of my issues would go away. 


    I don't care if it takes me 5 minutes to find a freaking game lobby that is close to my region.  If I know it's going to play smoothly, no lag, great hit detection, then I'm fine waiting even as much as 10 minutes.  But being thrown into a lobby right away, into a game that is more than half way over, and we're loosing, is not ideal and I don't know who at IW/SH came up with that.  I know they are trying to get you playing as fast as possible, but we've seen what that gives us....

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    i can honestly say that, due to how bad MW3 has played since launch, i NEVER bought a map pack. i did not buy an Elite subscription. for the first time in YEARS i have not pre-ordered the next game.

    i am saddened, as i have always enjoyed playing these games online. i used to schedule vacation days on the release dates so i could just sit and enjoy playing all day. LOL.

    anyway.. after BO and now the even-worse MW3, i have to say i am done with the franchise unless BO2 is a staggering success.




    that least time i tried this game was for about 10mins, a week ago. i have a video of my running through rooms and magically being trapped behind walls. i do not exaggerate. feel free to look in my theater (under my screen name here, i only have two videos) and watch. i'd post it on YouTube if i knew how. anyway, it's ridiculous. the game was literally unplayable. i actually went back to BO which is saying a LOT as that was my first experience with horrible lagg issues.




    can we just bring MW2 back, please? LOL