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I have and error when i start up mw3 it says iw5mp/sp.exe has stopped working and closes down I installed mw3 a few days ago and always have this problem I really would like help on how to fix this I will give the points for good answers that help me.




    wierd worlds are these

    Go to Google


    Search for DirectX


    Download the DirectX Web Installer from Microsoft


    Run it


    Reboot your pc


    Try the game again


    That should work however if it doesn't then you need to put the disc in the pc if you have the disc.


    Open My Computer


    Right Click on the Disc


    Click Explore


    Open DirectX folder


    Scroll Down to Setup.EXE


    Run It




    Try the game again.


    If that still doesn't work then try this


    Open Steam


    Click Library Tab


    Right Click on Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer


    Click Properties


    Click the Local Files Tab


    Click Verify Integrity Of Game Cache


    Let it run


    Do that for the Single Player as well




    Try the game again



    If that still does not work


    Check if your Motherboard, Sound and Graphic's drivers are up to date and if they are not then update them, then try the game again.


    If that still does not work then try a fresh install of the game and see if that works.


    If that still does not work then try this if you have a 2nd hard drive.


    Move data from the 2nd Drive if possible to the C: Drive


    Turn PC Off


    Remove Sata/IDE cable from the C: Drive


    Install Window's on to that drive


    Install all the updates and drivers


    Install the game and try it.


    If it works then you can simply install everything else but I would suggest after installing each program/game etc that you try the game so, that you can see if one of the games/programs is causing the issue.


    If that does not fix it then you could see if the Bios is up to date as that has helped some people as well.



    Hope something from this help's