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Zombie maps

I will quote this.


Rather than making new maps, I think in BO2 they should allow players to make their own maps and have database where they can be shared, like Halo Forge.



Please, this would be awsome!!


Love <333

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    they should do a zombies tranzit map in white plains ny.suggestions start at whiteplains bus depot(right off ferris ave.) 1st stop galleria/food court (underpass) 2nd stop The police station (power room).3rd stop the bank,recently turned into buffalo wild wings on the edge of mamaronec ave,4th stop white plains library.fifth stop the white plains train station.the bus can take you to the train station but the only way to get to the bus depot is to ride the broken train unless the zombies break the tracks,when they brake the track you will ride the train and crash into the bus depot parking lot above the bus depot and ride the slow elevator with no walls down 3 floors.ill leave trayarch,beachhead,activision,and sledge hammer to put their crazy twist on the library........also acouple other suggested spots white plains hospital,star diner,the movie theatre above buffalo wild wings on mamaronec ave. please take my suggestions and thanks ! hope to see it happen some day