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Don't buy games made by Infinity Ward!!!

Treyarch rule CoD. IW Suck. They cant make games anymore without ruining the whole thing. Online suck and Survival mode suck. They only thing saving this game was the Campaign, without that the game would be worthless. Which it is with its dull graphics and stupid *** killstreaks. Dont buy games from IW!!!! They dont listen to the community!!!

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    i like playing MW3 so i will continue to buy games made by them

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      I find it awful, they dont listen to the community at all!

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        The game is the way it is BECAUSE they listened to the community. The vast majority of the community wouldn't know how to make a good game if their lives depended on it. They all think they should run around all invisible and get endless moabs and 200 killstreaks. Play the game or don't play the game.....just shut up about it. These forums are filled to the brim with treyarce vs IW threads. If you don't like something then don't do it...plain and simple.

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    none of that is fact, of course. i didn't like waw, so i didn't play it, and although i liked black ops, i had a really hard time with the hit detection, so i didn't play it as much as i would have liked. i enjoy this game, so i'll go ahead ahead and completely disagree. i'm sorry to hear you hate it so much, but that's the beauty of this day and age... plenty of other games to choose from to pass the time.

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      Yeap I do hate this game, I'd say worst one in the serries. I heard a lot of people had problems with hit detection in Black Ops, but I found it to be ok and still got more bullets on target than using most guns on MW3. Tbh I agree with your last sentence and I am sticking to playing Black Ops on MoH until BO2 comes out later this year.

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    COD4 and MW2 are by far the best in the COD series in my opinion. Both were made by the REAL infinity ward, before the firings and lawsuits etc. The infinity ward team now is not the same as it was, which is why MW3 is the way it is. Dont blame infinityward, blame activision.

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      dont blame IW???  why shouldnt we? did activision physicaly make the game?  did they do the abomination  that mw3 calls net coding? now activion is part to blame. They should have known better to let a company like sledgehammer cut there teeth on a game like this. that was the stupidest thing thye have done. But IW/SH and activion are to blame for this terrible ver of cod.  Hopefuly they will learn from this and never let IW/SH touch another CoD ever again.

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    Post above sums everything up perfectly. I believe MW2 could've been equal- maybe even better than COD4 if they patched things up. Due to Activision the game suffered from only a few problems that held it back (ACR, noob tubes, luckily they patched the model but made it so you couldn't even use it) All I can say is they better bring back maps from old CODS in MW3 because all they're doing now is making the game worse with the new DLC.. the best map pack ever would be 2 spec ops missions with Ghost and some other task force members. 2 face off maps Rust and Shipment. 2 regular maps Crossfire and Terminal. Then 2 sniper maps Overgrown and Wasteland(maybe?) - Nostalgic ftw!

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    3arc is hired to make "fillers" so you will not have to wait so long for the real IW releases and their work has not been impressive at all so far

    Although Black Ops is their best effort as of yet I am in no hurry to run to the stores for a Treyarc sequel.


    Last time IW gave us CoD on a next-gen console they gave us CoD4 (MW1), I will keep on playing MW3 until IW relases the CoD for the next gen consoles Xbox720, PS4, Steambox come november 2013.

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    Its all opinion


    I dislike black ops but love mw3


    As on the other hand people think vice versa


    Cant please everyone

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    cod died with IW and mw2. treyarch and evidently everyone else can not make real cod games. Im only buying the treyarch cod games for zombies from now on. hopefully respawn revive its magic in another title but then they are now under the publisher that makes activision seem decent, history will repeat I think will they go back to activision when ea shaft them again?

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    I think it comes down to the game that introduced you to COD.


    For me, it was a Treyarch game and I much prefer their gameplay compared to IWs.


    I still play both, but prefer Treyarch's.

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    It's always the same story, this time last year everyone was saying Treyarch suck, can't wait until MW3, IW will show them how to make a game.  I predict this time next year it will be the same again.  To be honest, if they sorted out matchmaking (the cause of 99% of the problems I have) then MW3 is not a bad game at all.  Sadly though matchmaking is critical for a good experience. 

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      I wasent one of them people, I love what Treyarch did with BO and thought it was different to IW CoD which to me feels the same each year now. But with Treyarch from W@W to BO I never expected a game like that! I was amazed and when MW3 hit the shelves I was once again thinking that it didnt feel or look any different to the other IW games. Its why I like Treyarch and not IW. And like everyone ZOMBIES!!!! ;D

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    what is wrong with you ppl?  How can you think 3arc did nothing and IW is so great.  was mw2 a good game? yes was it great..no.  a lot of ppl seam to forget how bad of a job IW really did with these games. and how 3arc, not perfect  by far done a far better job when it comes to gameplay.  let me explain


    What's wrong with MW2?  lets see, there was danger close, One man army, hacks aka infections, 10th lobbies/derank lobbies, constant spam from scammers, care package glitch was in the game for a yr before fix.  lets not forget about Hit detection when it came to sniper rifles was way off. esp the intervention. Maps we highly campable do to one ot 2 ways to every were instead of 3 like in BO. then there was all the ways to get outside map and camp. or just glitches in maps in general.  head glitching over everything.  HC was half thought out. ppl could just team kill over and over with no penalty.


    What did MW2 do right? graphics looked great. you could interact good with the maps and climb on everything.


    what did BO do wrong?  too many bullets to kill in core.  Hit detection was off for some (so the forums claim but nobody i know had issues unless it was a server/host lag issue). although i found it to be better then mw2 honestly. graphics weren't as good as MW2


    what did BO do right? we to start HC was perfect. well thought out and balanced. no richochet, 3 team kills and you get booted, and team kills dont go against k/d.  only thing to make it better would be an option to forgive when teamkilled.  obj flags would fade if you look at them. so they dont block view. they pached and updated reg to fix gliches and such.  they were active in the community and listen to use.  when they changed things to flags and bombs ppl raged for a mo and then it was changed back.  added dive to prone.  added and anti hack system that scan during game lobbies and kick and banned hackers.  In fact they had a zero tolerance policy, IW doesn't.  If they didnt we would have these problems.  Kill streaks were earned and not given by stacking. They add the player card with is just an unglorified ver of elite. you could also choose how to search for your lobbies. like local only for exp.  Game parties didnt need an invite unless you had set the party up as invite only.  Also i dont have to play merc anything to be in a xbox chat party. added more balancing perks.  The list continues.


    Playing mw3 is like taking a step back not forward. mw3 left out all the advancements that BO brought and that ppl really liked. they totally disregard the players.  They messed up the scoring on most of the game modes.  The points arent the same as they use to be. while mw3 has done a better job dealing with hackers then mw3 but not nearly as good as in BO. Matching making is a complete joke in mw3. hearing the enemy for a sec after you kill them, killstreaks set by class was about the only thing this joke of a company has done right,


    I truely fail to see where yall ppl keep thinks IW is so great when in fact they arnt. org IW was great either.  If org was so great why wasnt thing fixed mid game? because of a few fires? so 2 ppl were so smart that nobody could understand how to fix what was wrong? Am i supposed to believe that? lastly ill leave yall with this to think about.  If the 2 guys from old  IW was so great why havent they produced a game to top CoD?  they created a new company called respawn and work with EA. They have had 2.5yrs to make a FPS that can compete with CoD. So where is it?

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      You have absolutely no clue of what has really happened.


      IW was done right after the release of MW2.


      Since you don't know nearly anything other than Black Ops. Danger Close was in CoD4. There was really nothing wrong with OMA. IT could be used for more than tubing. If you have basically NO staff that has made the game and knows the coding to make changes via patches. Then who can do it? CP glitch took a yr to fix? No. Everyone complains about what was wrong with MW2 that needed to be fixed, then acknowledges that that the core people that made the game were gone, then whine that it didn't get fixed....stupidity.


      Black Ops.... The majority of the patches in that game. Were to finish that game. Anyone.....as I said before, that states that Black Ops ran nothing like what people on PS3 had complained about for months, know nothing of quality and crap setups. That game was the first abomination into CoD since CoD3. It has every problems this game does but not as bad.


      Treyarch never did anything but use ideas that IW had already implemented. Perks and on and on. They are now doing nothing but taking the starting position on the field after the starters have left to go to another team. Black Ops was nothing but MW2 to W@W. I will not be surprised at all if Black Ops 2 is nothing but MW3 to Black Ops. All this crap they add to the game like theater and elite do nothing but screw up sync with the servers.

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    COD4 came out everyone loved it rightly so it was a great game and playable .. yey infinity ward


    then W@W came out and everyone was ******** that treyarch were dumb and why go back in time to ww2 etc etc still a succesful game in the end - yey treyarch boo IW


    then MW2 came out everyone loved it yey infinity ward boo treyarch


    then Blops came out i was working in GAME on launch and came home at 3am to play online and thought wtf looks like a cartoon game :/ but overall was a good game - yey treyarch ..again boo IW


    Now MW3 it has problems we all play it most daily it gets bitched about and people all of a sudden forget about the blops problems etc and say "yeah treyarch rule"" fbomb you IW"


    Cant wait for blops2 and the problems it will have guarantee everyone will be saying "awww f you treyarch even mw3 was better than this"


    just makes me laugh how a cod comes out and everyone raves about the one before it cos its got problems

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    If IW brings out a new game I will wait and see, but I will get games that treyarch brings out. The match making has been really bad after the last up date.

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    Visit my thread so you know why this game is such a joke.


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    Game works fine in my opinion. I love MW3. I also loved Blops. MW3 ***** all over Blops in every regard. Although i do miss the Zombies...


    As long as they keep building them, I will keep buying them.


    Cant wait for Blops2.

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    i fully agree blackops was the best cod ever

    but if blackops2 is bad then cod is sooo over

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    If you dont want to buy the next game don't. Let others decide on what games to buy.

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      Yet another post I can add to my most stupid and idiotic list. You saying that is like me saying to you not to post EVER again on this forum because you don't know how to write a decent post or anything.


      If I said that to you I would be an idiot.


      It stands to reason that you are therefore...


      An idiot.