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?? F*CK YOU LAG????

Okay... I hope I got someone's attention with my subject title because my situation is pissing me off.


So here's the problem;


---I love COD, but I HATE the lag.

Ever since I moved.... everytime I play, its lags & I ALWAYS have two yellow bars.

Clearly, you cannot play the game properly when it's constantly lagging & then your randomly dead or disconnected.


-----At first, I thought it was my internet connection. So I simply made it from ....5 mbps  to 10 mbps.....

We'll that didn't work either. Im still lagging and have two yellow bars.



Do anyone know what the problem is?


is it my old PS3? PSN? my internet?


thank you for your help.

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    I mostly always have 4 bars and it lags sometimes, I have a problem with the hit detection more though, it's annoying though when you're trying to shoot someone on a 2 bar connection and they keep disappearing and jumping around infront of you.