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New Weapon and Perk ideas

I am curious to hear some ideas about new perks and weapons that should be inlcuded into Black Ops 2 Zombies. I'll share a few ideas to get this discussion started.

Supplier: A perk that increases the maximum amount of ammo you can hold for weapons and special grenades. Also, after each round you will receive an extra clip for each gun and an extra special grenade.

Camoflauge: A perk that when people have it they will be the last person or people targeted by zombies. I figured this would be extremely helpful for easter eggs and reviving teammates.

Deathray: This weapon incorporations two of my ideas. The first idea of this weapon is an awesome gun you get by completing an acheivement. The acheivement would require much team help and assistance and would be similar to easter egg acheivements. This idea comes from the Call of the Dead easter egg's reward. The other idea this gun includes is a new flamethrower like gun. I am sure I am not the only one who misses the flamethrower and this gun would be very similar. It would be a mix of the ray gun and flamethrower. It would shoot a ray that travels forever distance and is always instant-kill. The downside is as you use it it loses charge, quickly. As it loses charge it loses strength and distance. It charges up like the flamethrower cools down.

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    Well i think that it will be Ok.

    At first I think that the maps need to be better because the black ops ones were sometimes boring.

    Like Moon, this map disappointed me the trailer was awesome but the map wasn't good. It was boring, I think it better a map with a good history like Kino der Toten and Ascension.

    Than come the weapons they were really good, but maybe you're right the game needs more weapons,new weapons specially for zombies not the same of multiplayer and a huge map. I think the perks were really, really good.

    But your ideas are available too