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Gamers For Fair Play

(GFFP) There is no fighting against hackers or their exploits. I'm a straight up gamer that has earned every title and emblem I have.  I'm not a great player but I enjoy playing and working for titles/emblems. This is my defense: I refuse to stay in a room with a obvious hacker. I've learned my lesson with trying to talk reason. I know there are good and great gamers out there. I've played with guys who are clever and inventive. I'm tried of getting upset and cussing. So I encourage everyone to take the power away from hackers. They have no one to hack of the have no one to play with. Its not a clan but show support I'm adding (GFFP) Gamers For Fair Play, to my profile name.


Thanks, Indra


I don't use my mic, only with friends because I'm tried of the babbling, singing and general stupidity. I'd you have (GFFP) on your profile i will be happy to happy to you. GOOD GAMING!!!