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fix this god damn game how about that !

Dear makers of cod you had your fun for years. when mw2 came out you forgot all about cod 4 when black ops came out you forgot about mw2 and so on and so on now we have been experiencing a huge amount of lagg and i mean so huge im gona die and before i die im gona puke all over the floor !

not only that it is also clear that the servers are dead and you dont give a **** !!!!! fix all of your games how about that alll of your games all of it ! how about that as a suggestion ! its been years fix it all i didnt gave my hard earnd money for nothing fix iiiiiiiiiit . you made money a lot of it give some for a repair team and fix it and maintain the fix for ever ! dont be cheap you jews !

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    i have to agree

    to stop support for previous titles after 12 months just because the new one is out is just a big kick in the face to all the people who spent on these games .

    who cares if the new title is out i payed for this one so the servers and maintenance should be full for the life of the console at the very least .