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    Thats why their are only a few skilled players. The others just hide and build their KD.

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    right, winning and going positive is what everyone wants and few can truly be consistent, thisguy is one of those and he loves to remind us about it, and thats cool.

    As mentioned I play for the win, and push my KD high as thisguy mentions by winning.


    I still believe that most players who have low KD such as < 0.65 wont secure the win neither! I don't mean to hate on them, but its from experience.

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    Like me (lol)


    But seriously:


    Playing solo or not, I go for the win (but I try to go positive if at all possible). If my team is letting me down, I back out. If  my team is trying (no matter what the outcome) I stay and take the thrashing/win as it applies.


    When I am playing as a team: W/L is always more important (as an objective player). However, when playing TDM (and KC to an extent) your in game* KD is what is important.


    in game* : having good stats means nothing; getting (non-artificial) good stats on a per game (mode) is what is important. Of course, that can be slightly circular logic as if you consistently get good stats, your overall stats will be good. Example:


    5 players play TDM and Domination


    Player A always goes positive in TDM, but Domination is a crap shoot, but always goes for the win (and has a decent W/L)

    Player B always goes positive in TDM and Domination but always goes for the win

    Player C always goes positive period, no matter what he plays but skips objectives and cares not about his W/L (if he wins great, but if he looses who cares)

    Player D always goes positive, but his stats are artificial because he hides and ignores everything and only shoots people when it is safe so his position is not compromised

    Player E plays like player D, but is not skilled so sometimes goes negative trying to be like player D


    This is order of the people I want on my team:


    Player B

    Player A

    Player C

    Player D (but I would rather not play with this player at all)

    If I have 2 or more  player Es on my team, I am backing out.

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    You know I've been running into allot more like that, before the match begins (TDM) I do a quick "lobby leaderboard" view and I see those who are above 2.0 and I say ok here comes a good fight! Match starts, and to my surprise guess where they are? Backs to a corner, waiting. Then you realize this is a true camper, (nothing wrong with it) its their choosing. But I do make a point to go after them!

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    That is a good response!


    So what do others think?


    Is Win Loss a better measurement of skill then KD?

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    wow good post, and a very good point!!!


    (basket ball reference)


    If you put Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Shaq/Dwight etc.. on the same team, but they cannot play as a team together and only play for their own stats... Do you think they will win the championship?


    Again, very good post. I think it sums everything up nicely.


    Golf is like FFA - you play to beat others, and yourself


    The fantasy team I put together above is like TDM - if everyone is good, you do not really have to play together to get a win, and your stats are good


    Most objective games require a team of coordinated players who know what they are doing, and what their team is doing... W/L is important here

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    I usually go positive in almost every match, may it be TDM KC or Domination.


    I play and die for every Tag in KC cause im now around Rank 21.000 in it and i want to improve to the top 1000 at least! To me more important than anything its the WINNING. Course that will be harder if you are in a team with an 0.5 average KDR, butthat may be aswell hard if you go with a team of 3.0 KDR losers.


    Yes those to me are the Losers: the ones that enter any game just with their KDR in mind and then say that they played that way cause they were in a team of losers!!..That make me laugh cause...those guys you calll noobs may be watching you play and because they are seeing you they are playing just like you do...so...i like a lot seeing the KC scoreboard after the match: their team losing and they all went 20-10 ahah!!...


    I can go 40-10 in Domination but its so cheaper that i stopped doing it some time ago. But the 3.0 KDR guys can be full match "defending" C (they call it that way lool).




    I make sure the 3.0 KDR guys with 30% Winning doesnt have any chance of getting into our Clan. They can make a clan for their own! I'm not a Riot Shield of anyone!

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    Just a question about something i cant really understand:


    In Kill Confirmed guys that go play it as Snipers...i mean...do they expect to win? To Win how? They will get their kills from 10 miles away and then what...some random will collect their Tags...its that it lool??


    And...the 75% of people that play Kill Confirmed hidding themselves near a Red Tag so they can kill you when you catch it or when they hear the sound of it: do you realize that we will collect the Red Tag and the Yellow Tag and...yes...you may kill us but we are scoring high lool


    Really...Dont you realize that in Kill Confirmed its better if you kill one guy but t«collect that one Tag, instead of doing 10 Kills but 9 of them being Denied??


    I talk more about Kill Confirmed because at the end of any match of KC and looking at the Scoreboards (Winning/Losing, Scores and KDR) i always ask myself: did this people relly expected to Win this match!?

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    I agree 100%. I came back to ps3 and fps after a 1.5 yer break from gaming. I rejoined my old clan who became a HC only clan. Thrown in with no learning curve with no weapons hurt my kd severely. I had a .5 for the first 500-750 kills. I'm up to .92 now but my wins are consistently above 60%. My caps aren't te highest because I play Dom the way it says to in elite improve. Cap 2 and defend them for the win. I do my best to cap but when you're runnin lone wolf and nobody is willing to cover it gets difficult.

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    Thanks for your post shadow, so we have another player (clan leader) who prefers a decent Win/Loss ratio then high KD.


    I find this Win / loss a good point to discuss further.

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