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    I have the same question about it, but we both know the answer. Its because they want to raise there KD by killing and waiting as others try to collect dropped tags.  Winning the match is secondary to earning the KD they seek.

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    I only play TDM and mostly its solo.


    With that said I care about my KD since TDM is ONLY about KD.


    I would much prefer everyone on my team end up 12-4 instead of people going 20-25.


    For TDM someone else posted a stat of take your total kills, subtract your total deaths then divide by total number of games played and that will give you your positive number of kills per game.


    Mine are:


    Kills: 95,241

    Deaths 37,875

    Games 4705


    Puts me a little over 12 positive kills for EVERY game of TDM I have ever played.

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    Nice way to point this subject out, through sports.


    Ok let me through this out there for everyone, my Win / loss is 59% of the time! Which to me is decent, because I do go for the win, anyone else want to share there WIN / LOSS stats?

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    It's all about the W lzjar11!!!   If you're playing objective based game modes, it's about the objective.  If you're playing TDM or FFA, it's about the number of kills you get.  Those are the only game modes that matter in regards to K/D. 


    It does nothing for your team to have someone who is a 3.0 k/d in an objective based game mode, sitting around, not grabbing tags, not going for the flag or trying to plant the bomb.  Go play TDM or FFA and then when you still have 3.0 k/d ratio you can brag all you want.  Until then STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I only play HCKC and I could care less if I go negative as long as I get the W.  I have a positive k/d btw, and I've really only ever played HCKC and I've never kill whored so that just shows that I am an over all good player at the game. 


    +k/d and +w/l = supreme being IMO.

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    Its all about the W! I like that! Thanks bro, sounds very similar to the University of Miami motto, Its all about the U...

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    For objectives players there should be something similar


    No of Caps - Number of defends * KD = skill level


    More defends than caps = negative skill 

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    lzjar11 add me on PSN, i want play some games with you, or you join us for some games! Shadow_Alquimist


    Some of those 3.0 KDR noobs were crushed by us and course a lot of them tried to join our Clan, but guess what? Some joined, but i had to kick them shortly after and explaining them why! Me and my Team wont be on the other side of the scoreboard: we wont be 30-10 Fking Losing games lool


    Just as add: my KDR in TDM is something like 1.3. I think im like 16500-12000. If you dont think its very high lol Try to imagine this was my first CoD online on PS3 and that i was a random noob till my 5th or 6th Prestige! If not, i would say that my KDR in TDM should be something around 2.0KDR.


    I enjoy a lot TDM: those are the games where i relax a bit, camp a lot, and play for calling Killstreaks! I prefer to have the TDM game comming after a KC or Domination game: showing those scrubs we also can have our moments of playing for KDR!!

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    I play 99% domination and always play solo.  While I am prestiging the only stat that matters is my XP and I will try to get as much as possible per match.  Inevitably this means playing the objective and capturing/defending as many flags as possible.  It means running around a lot, and I don't much care about death because that doesn't have a negative impact on my overall XP.  I love matches where both teams play for the win and it ends up 200-(190-199) whether I end up being on the winning team doesn't matter (obviously it's preferable) in those matches because they are just a buzz and the most enjoyable.  Once prestiging is all done then I might change my style and start looking at KDR but to be honest by the time that happens BO2 will likely be around the corner for the next challenge and MW3 will become a distant memory.  That is the way of CoD and why I don't much worry about KDR or WLR.  As a solo objective player I have always had a positive KDR in all CoD games but yet to get positive WLR.

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    Shadow_Alq wrote:


    Just a question about something i cant really understand:


    In Kill Confirmed guys that go play it as Snipers...i mean...do they expect to win? To Win how? They will get their kills from 10 miles away and then what...some random will collect their Tags...its that it lool??


    Not always true I like to snipe on a few of the maps as it adds a bit of challange staying amongst the tags/enemy and managing to finish with a decent score

    I'll always try and get the confirmation accolade i've got about 1150 of em now and want to break into the top 100 for most kills confirmed in a round.

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    Not exactly true, but I see where you are coming from.


    I cannot count the number of games of Dom I have played where we have capped 2, and then spent the rest of the match purely defending because we had the map totally controlled.


    I have to admit, it can make for a boring game when the other team simply gives up before they even got started to allow themselves to be totally man-handled.


    I think more to the point:


    Number of kills - F(Defends+Caps) = Skill Level (or more accurately usefullness)


    F = a factor that normalizes kills to caps, given that in a flag control based game (Dom, HQ, etc..), capping is more important than killing.


    I cannot say about other games, but a similar equation could be thought up in principal.


    * obviously this is only semi-serious...