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Looking For A Clan/ Community.

Hey there, so I'm looking for a clan or community group on Xbox Live. I'm really looking for a large group that is active daily, knows how to have fun, but is also competitive. A little bit about my self.. Modestly, I'm not the best player but definately above average. I have Game Battles experience, experience in the trickshotting and feeding community with accomplishments of manager positions on YouTube channels ranging from 1K-7K+ subscribers. I'm very active but let me be clear, I'm not a COD enthusiast. If anything, I prefer more in depth games and am a huge fan of RPGs, with that said I'm also a big on game completion via achievements. So what would really be appealing is a large (or small depending) group that is well organized, active, and have other interests than just COD. Let me know if anyone is looking for new members.


Apparently I have to list some COD related traits for anyone to be interested so here..


* Competitive Player

* GB Experience

* Best Gamemode: S&D

* Unbeatable In 1v1 Sniping (I'm not kidding)

* Active

* Mature Player


My GT is Tabakhi, hit me up.