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Collecting Suggestions to reduce effects of camping ´n Noobs?!


I searched for a while in this forum but i did not find a thread seeking improvements to reduce the effects of camping and noob-gaming in MW3...


So here are my thoughts and suggestions first - hope yours will follow, so developers can listen!


In my opinion Campers and Noobs are part of the game - but MW3 is supporting them too much either!

Many Gamers say "the maps are made for camping" or they "force camping" - sure, some do but it was the same in BO and MW2, W@W, MW, CoD3....


My personal feeling is that it´s some weapons, weapon-extras, extras and combination of special features that supports Campers and Noobs too much.


Blind-Eye: It´s a classical Noob-Extra cause you get nearly invisible for everyone...even for predator-rockets...

Assasin: Also classical for Noobs to hide

Dead-Silent: Combined with "Blind-Eye" and/or "Assassin" you´re becoming a "Ghost-Warrior"...


Shotgun: The deadly Range was increased too much compared to MW2 or BO! No skill needed to kill anyone in between 20-25 Meters - what is the average combat distance on most maps and in most game modes...


More and more Noob-Gamers (even if they already reached Prestige Level 15/ Level 80!) using the most efficent combinations of this features:

Primary: Shotgun

Secondary: some Akimbo-MP or MP with Supressor


transportable Radar


Assassin or Hardline



In my opinion this combination is nearly unbeatable - even more if these Gamers are camping!

Sure, it does not mean that they win the match - but they normally have an excellent KD at the end...even if they have "no" skill!

This is ridiculous, unfair and offensive to all Gamers who seek for an fair challenging match!


I do not understand why the developers help the Noobs soo much and finally downgrade MW3 form an excellent First-Person-Action-Shooter to an Kindergarden-Hide´n Seek-Game?


Finally my definition of "camping" to avoid misunderstandings:

Snipers are normally no Campers - except they use all the "hiding-Features" to stay on their "one and only" Sniper-Positions!

Gamers who just stop for up to 10 seconds in an hideout cause they could hear or see several opponents coming close are no campers.

Gamers who just stop in an hideout to launch an kill-streak-weapon are no campers.

Campers are Gamers who are just sitting in the always next hideout they can reach - for more than 10 seconds up to minutes until someone is passing by. They are sitting in dark corners, lying on the floor somewhere playing "dead" until..., waiting behind a door until... , hiding in the bushes, gras or wherever until...


Camper-Matches are dead boring cause no-one of the opponent team is finally moving! You can also be nearly sure: The Campers will loose 8 of 10 matches in domination, kill-confirmed or drop-zone - but they will always have positive KDs and bother the others!


To reduce the effect and success of camping, my suggestion is:

Restrictions of Weapon/Extra Combinations concerning to the game-modes!

Deleting of "Blind-Eye"!

Reducing the effective mortal range of all Shotguns!

Marking all campers (someone hiding for more than 10 seconds in an 15 Metres-Range) on the map in an different colour for 60 seconds each time, except they stopped for launching an kill-streak or they´re Snipers!


Post ur suggestions and opinion. I appreciate to read them!

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    My Opinions


    1 - Perks you use do not classify anyone as being a noob (lol). It is play style (although yeah some perks allow one to have terrible play styles)


    2 - Not everyone plays the game you, or I (or anyone else for that matter) play. Leave it be.


    3 - You misuse the word noob (but then 99% of people do anyway), however in the way you (and most people) use the term, the devs should help the "noobs". The problem is when people are no longer noobs, they play like newbies.


    4 - Camper Matches can secure the win in Dom. It is not whether someone is camping or not, but HOW they are camping (e.g. are they sitting in some obsure corner away from the objective, or camping in a good spot to defend it)


    5 - Trying to define "camping" is about as useless as boobs on a nun.


    6 - Why do we really need to reduce camping effects?  If all campers were easy kills, would anyone complain? really? Sometimes it is a pain in the buttocks to check every corner, but really this is a warfare game and not everyone is going to be were we expect them to be.


    7 - to side with you: Black Ops had a great game of express, where ghost and 2nd chance/last stand/final stand (?) were eliminated.  Such a game mode would be good here as well for people who cannot stand "campers"


    8 - The forum is cluttered with posts on how to reduce camping and noob style game playing... search harder (lol)


    * yeah, I said buttocks.

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    I have know issues with campers at all, if thats how they wanna roll, thats how they wanna roll. Though I just had the most camper heavey game I've seen yet. Three guys on BootLeg put tac Inserssions down In the corners of that room up those metal steps and waited for the kills lol.


    We all knew where they were so the best way would have been to stay away from em, but I'm just like everyone else, and it becomes an ego thing. You think to yourself 'f-ing campers I'm gonna teach you a lesson' and then end up getting shot over and over cuz they ADSing on every enterance.


    Admitidly I am an average/below average player but in my eyes if you want to beat a camper, don't go to where there camping, even the most hardened of campers will get bored of that strat after only 3/4 kills a game.

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    A new weapon...Drawing pins or carpet tacks to scatter in the corners,that'll fix those camping b@st@rds or Super glue, once the're in the corner they can't get outand you just ignore them for the rest of the game.

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    If one thing is for sure, I think everyone hates campers. My friend had the idea of having the person being demoted 1 level if they camped. Sounds fair or unfair? In my opinion this would make MW3 an unbalanced game, everyone would have to be rushing.

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    I just think camping is part of the game, I actualy like hunting down the camper that just got me. but I think there should be a game that if you stay still for a set amount of time you become highlighted on the map. That would keep everyone moving at least.

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    Campers are not hard to kill nor hard to find. I can't understand for the life of me why there are so many Anti-Camper threads out there if everyone is so good.


    I have a .95 KDR. I use your Noob class as my main: Blind Eye, Assassin and Dead Silence. I use it to run around and sneak up on Campers. Most of the time, I get them. This isn't difficult.


    Instead of figuring out ways to get rid of campers and noobs, how about discussing how to kill them. This seems to where everyone is failing because if there as easy to kill for me as they are for you, there wouldn't be these threads.


    But low and behold, this isn't the problem. The problem is no one wants to change their playing style. The ones who don't like campers are the ones who run around and not check corners. Just remember, no camper finds a new place to camp. Others have been there already. You should by now know the spots that they like to hide. Just check them. Use Recon and toss flashes around.


    BTW, if you want to get rid of campers, stop recording stats.

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    Yet another "anti-camping" post. They will always be around and they don't bother me as much as drop shotters or noobtubers in HC.

    Why not complain about rushers as thats another tactic that players use, and as we all know,blind rushing can get your team a loss as much as camping can. The balance is somewhere in the middle. If you want to remove Assassin then remove UAV and AUAV as well. If you take blind eye out, then Attack helis,sentry guns etc should all be higher point killstreaks and should be for individual kills and not stringed from one to the next. I think black ops had the balance of camping v anti camping just about right and had the air support streaks correctly placed.

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    Keep your eyes on the screen, not the Mini-map.

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    I'm gonna do an rlbl styled response to this. It'll probably be a long read so bear with me.


    Maps catering to campers - The ONLY way to prevent camping is to have boring empty maps with nothing in them. Campers will camp. Period. They're part of the game. Sure, they frustrate you, but that's what they do and you should respect it, just as they probably get annoyed by rushers killing them. It's a two way street.


    Perks - The "ghost-warrior" class is just as effective, if not better, with a Run n Gun class.


    Shotgun - Run n Gunners use shotguns too. This has nothing to do with camping.


    Noob-Gamer class setup - Why are you upset that they put together a class that works for them? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?


    Restrictions - I have no idea where you're going with this. Are you saying that what you can use should be limited to certain game modes? Then you'd have everyone playing the same way. Whether you like it or not, campers add an element to the game that make it more interesting. Once you get killed by a camper, you will probably have a better score at the end of the game since you'll be checking corners all the time.


    Deleting Blind-Eye - This won't happen. If you want to use your perk to stay away from air support, use it. I hate Stalker. Does that mean it should go too?


    Reducing range of shotguns - The range is already ridiculously short. Most take more than one shot from a distance. Fire a real shotgun and let me know what the lethal range is.


    Marking campers - Sorry, but this is a dumb idea. You're wanting to punish someone for not playing the way you think the game should be played. There is no "right" way to play. Campers bought the game just like me and you did and their purchase enabled them the right to play however they want. Hell, if they want, they can run around in circles with a riot shield and RPG firing in the air.


    In summary, stop complaining because it's always going to be in any multiplayer game. It's a strategy that's looked down upon, but it's their right as an owner of the game to play it how they want, no matter what other players think.


    Remember.. Camping is a strategy as much as rushing is.

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    The fact you list shotguns as having too much range and overpowered tell me you are either FOS or never played MW2 with everyone running around with Marathon and akimbo Rangers and 1887s. The shotguns in MW3 are utter garbage for weapons, especially compared to MW2. Only when you get them leveled up to the high 20s and unlock range or damage are they even a viable primary and your K/d will take a blood bath trying to level the shotguns.


    As for perks, what do you want people to do? Just sit there and let your attack helicopter hit them? You can still sight people with Blind Eye with Preds and Reapers fairly easily so I think your argument is kind of silly. I get killed by Predators all the time even running Blind Eye. You will moan and complain if I use Blind Eye, but it I don't then you will still Moan and cry nOOb when I carry my Stinger and blow up every one of your killstreak rewards. For every perk there is a counter. If you think Blind Eye/Assassin and camping is such a big deal than use Recon.


    Not to mention EVERYONE in this game camps somewhat. Snipers by definition are campers. Also the perk/weapon combination you listed is not "unbeatable" and is a fairly common stealth class when used with an SMG and silencer. Why don't we just go back to the days of the first crappy PC shooters and one bullet you're dead and only 3 weapons are available. It's so hilarious that people moan and complain about things in a game when the options are there for them to use the same things they think are giving everyone else an unfair advantage. More than likely you tried to use these guns/perks and sucked with them so you are coming on here to gripe about how unfair it is.

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      Did you read what i wrote? I said "reducing" not "avoiding" camping effects!

      In my opinion the game is debalanced - that´s all!


      Camping is no "tactics" - it´s destroying the game cause if everyone will play as a camper the matches would be boring till death! No one will move finally!


      You say my complaint is "silly"?


      So, I am not playing CoD since MW3 - and "camping" was always part of the game.

      But: It never has been that ridiculous it became in MW3!


      That´s the reason of so many complaints in the forum. Not only mine.


      Do you understand - or do you still use your sillyness to anoy the facts?!

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    the maps dont change, we all know them inside and out, we all know the high traffic areas, the head glitching objects etc... just avoid or move around them... there youll find the enemies who think just like you, and life continues while the camper sends texts messages while he waits for something to pop up on his p radar.

    i dont by any means camp, the one thing that gets me though is when im not in a party, one camper racks up kills bc 3 guys on my team refuse to learn from their mistake and keep on keeping on.

    when you say they cater to the camper... they also cater to the rusher... FLASH AND STUN... sleight of hand, EC, QD, blast shield, Hardline, steady aim... the guy with the pp90m1 who hipfires and gets kills from long range, then does the mamximus decimus meridius with his akimbo fmgs and takes out 3 guys...