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Please Do something about the FMG-9 Akimbo's

     I'm sure most (not noobs) good players would agree with me, these weapons can get very annoying. They are overpowered, overused, promote close range camping, and a huge mistake. Every time I am on a good killstreak, like going for my reaper, or on specialist bonus, these FMG-9 campers can kill you instantly because you would never see them coming.


     I realize that Infinity Ward has tried to patch this several times, and yet they are still way too overpowered. I think they should just get rid of the akimbo attatchment completely, or replace it with rapid fire, making the recoil very high and hard to control. When the game first came out, nobody realized how big of a problem FMG-9's would be, because everybody used them. Ever since the patches, more and more people realized they didn't want to use them because they realized they were noob guns.


     I don't mind single FMG-9's, and I don't mind the MP7, ACR 6.8, Type95, Striker, Etc., But I just CANNOT stand someone sitting in the corner with FMG-9 Akimbo's in a corner with a portable radar and assassin, it completely sets me over the edge. I have already broken one controller because of this. If they could nerf the FMG-9 akmibo's the right way by reducing the damage even further, and turning the fire rate down, and possibly raising recoil, then it would be completely fine.


     I know I'm not alone when I say these guns just plain suck, and they are a huge reason why a lot of people don't like Modern Warfare 3 any more.