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Really Again?!

You got to be kidding me!!!

Again another contest comes out and yet again i cannot enter because im not in the United States or Columbia!? this is getting really frustrating. I dont know about you guys but its getting me alittle tea'd of

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    I'm afraid I'm going to have to dig this old thread back up. This second "sweepstakes" really appeals to me as I never had the urge to buy Reloaded or Bloodstone but would happily play them if I won. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm disregarded because I'm from the UK - where, incidentally, James Bond was created and is based. Ultimately I'm not that bothered, but I can't help but feel cheated at this.

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    Although this is a regrettable post to make, I wish to make clear my disappointment with Activision over the these sweepstakes competitions. While I don't have interest in the September sweepstakes, I was really hoping (against all reality, perhaps) that it would be open to residents of the UK and elsewhere about the globe. For are we not all equal as fans of the James Bond franchise, regardless of where we live? Sadly, it would appear that Activision can only be bothered with the US fans. This, on top of the farce of the unfixed double kill glitch in Reloaded, all simply adds up to bad fan - and customer - service.