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Yea, yea, yea! RIPGhostnRoach here with a three part, Special Edition of the "BEST CLASS ON MW3, PERIOD!" I had been running out of ideas and remembered a few Loadouts that I will now be adding to my collection, for your viewing pleasure. Due to not very many people using these classes, for any reason at all, I've decided to give you my Riot Shield Classes. The first one is my best one. All Classes recommended on Medium to Short Range (CQC) maps.


Primary- Riot Shield with Speed

Secondary- Scorpion, Akimbo

Lethal- Bouncing Betty

Tactical- Portable Radar


Perk 1- Sleight of Hand Pro

Perk 2- Blast Shield Pro

Perk 3- Steady Aim Pro


Deathstreak- Hollow Points


Strike Package- Specialist (oh yea)

Ter1- Extreme Conditioning Pro

Ter2- Blind Eye Pro

Ter3- Assassin Pro


Ok, so.

The Riot Shield works out pretty good with the Specialist Strike Package. If you look at it, making your class stronger with more perks is better and worth it more then Assault or Support Strike Package. Here's how it works.


You want to give your Riot Shield class as much protection as possible. You would only ever use your Riot Shield for pure protection from bullets and explosives. Speed is the best of the two Proficiency giving you a lighter step to close the gap on enemies for your Akimbo'd Scorpions.


The Scorpion, in respect of stats anyways, is the best Machine Pistol on the game. Every weapon has Pros and Cons. This weapon has superior damage, range, and rate of fire. With a moderate clip size, no real iron sight, and an erratic side to side, quick, upwards recoil profile, this Machine Pistol is really one of the worse (Second to the FMJ) to use without Akimbo (with the MP9 being the best). With Akimbo, however, they become the best ones on the game. With the absents of a recoil, high rate of fire (second to the FMGay, assuming this name while Akimbo'd), and a moderate clip size, these are the best guns for the Roit Shield Class.


The Bouncing Betty and Portable Radar are mainly for watching your back since its always open. The Betty can watch an area that is not being protected by your team- mates or you and will at least provide you with a early warning system, with it making a "ping" noise when an enemy gets to close ( if enemy is using Stalker Pro ). The Portable Radar is also a early warning system but in a 360 degree area that your teammates can view as well (for those respected enemies not using Assassin).


Perks! :D


Sleight of Hand is Key! This allows you to not only reload faster, which is ok, but it also allows you to switch from your Secondary weapon and back to your Primary faster. This is accentual and invaluable. Your Riot Shield is kinda heavy, so, this makes it timely to replace it from your Secondary as well as pulling out Akimbo Scorpions. The faster reload on your Akimbo Scorpions is always nice too.


Blast Shield is just as important as Sleight of Hand. This enables you to resist explosions, accentually, allowing you to become a Tank. Normally, when a tango sees you coming at them head on, they panic and fire their entire clip into your Shield. XP! Next they throw whatever explosives they have at finding out this doesn't work. Finally, they attempt to move in for a knife kill (honestly the worst thing that they can do exspectually if using the Melee Proficiency). This is when you pull out the Scorpions and take him out. The Pro version is insult to injury, resisting flashs and stuns. This is important due to using the Riot Shield, you don't want to stay blinded or immobilized for too long.


Steady Aim is also on the same level as the Perks before it. Giving you increased hip fire accuracy and the Pro allowing you to recover your weapons faster after sprinting, these work very well with the Scorpions as well as the Riot Shield. Steady Aim allows you to assault enemies at farther range then most Akimbo'd weapons and the recovery allows you to prepare your Shield faster then normal out of a sprint.


With your Strike Package at Specialist, this allows your Riot Shield to become stronger and stronger.


Ter1 is Extreme Conditioning and is a must have at only two kills. This is useful, allowing you to not only close the gap between you and the enemy but to also be able to escape and have enough endurance to do so. This Perk Pro'd is very useful as well, making it easier to hurdle obsticles faster, meaning, the faster your Shield is at the ready.


Ter2 is Blind Eye. This is because you don't want to be taken out by enemy Predator Missile or Attack Helicopter. The reason why Blind Eye is before Assassin is because automated enemy assault streak will kill you faster then a human controlled enemy, and, you have all the means of defending yourself from human controlled enemies; while never, ever, having the means of defending yourself from automated enemy assault streaks. Pro'd, your Akimbo'd Scorpions may be able to destroy a enemy Attack Helicopter, especially if you've obtained the Specialist Bonus, have acquired Scavenger, and have maxed your ammo out.


Ter3 is Assassin and, at this point, makes you pretty unstoppable. Undetected by enemy UAV and resisting enemy EMPs give you an advantage over your enemy; even when they bring these streaks online.


That's it about that Loadout. I'll be putting up the rest of my Riot Shield Loadouts on here and those will be one with Support Streaks and the other with Assault Streaks, both having different Perks and equipment. Until next time. Let 'Um Have It!