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ps3 clan merge

ps3 clan scumdogs level 16 .....looking for any other clan to merge with us,mature players no kids,message me on psn demonalcoholic

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    Hey jasonnx and anyone else who may be looking at this. I see you've recently started a clan. Im here to offer you a high leadership postion in our clan. You'll have all abilites a leader would have. Please consider this option. Theirs much to know about us, contract me for more information or any questions. We're in need too of leaders. Amaze Gaming is currently recruiting. We're a Call of Duty community that turns away no one! No age limit is granted so please check our thread in the link below. We have so much to offer! If you have any questions email me, message, or talk to me on PS3.


    PSN - Amaze_RaGe

    Email: amaze_rage@yahoo.com




    * Not interested? I understand, just say so and i'll delete this post.