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Weapon Optimization: PM-9

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      I've watched some of your videos. Most of them are not to my liking. Obviously I have my own style of gaming, so each to its own and you have the right to play how you feel is right and comfortable with.


      However after watched your videos, no less than 10, I get the feeling most of your classes are just using Specialist streak with mainly Hardline Pro as 2nd perk.


      I get the idea that a player can activate all perks and profs at 7 kills, but the same can be achived by others ways.


      The only benefit of using Hardline Pro is that 2 assists count as a kill towards your point streak. However that benefit alone can not out weight other perks such as Quick Draw Pro, Assassin Pro or perhaps Overkill Pro


      What you suggest

      1st perk, Hardline Pro, 3rd perk at the beginning

      This will net to 7 kills to activate all perks


      A little twist from me

      1st perk, Assassin Pro, 3rd perk

      with point streak of perk, perk, Hardline Pro

      This will also net 7 kills to activate all perks with the sole benefit of shorting 1 kill.


      The undetected by radar benefit is constant from the beginning to the end, comparing with situational + luck assist count. The Hardline Pro fell short.


      On top of that, why kill 1 player each time after respawn to gain the next perk when you can have it without kill any1?

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        I may be wrong but this latest one is the only video where I feature specialist play. I throw that out the widow since all guns would benifit from this strike package.


        I do these videos as if the Specialist Package didn't exist and go from there.

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    My bad, I just had a quick review of your vids, you are right, only a few are using specialist streak such as UMP, and USAS etc.


    However my arguement with you is still about the Hardline Pro perk with Specialist Streak.


    What are your thoughts on it?


    Why do you want to equip that perk instead of earn it through point streak?


    What are your strategies that you think it would maximize its potential, this also goes to Strike Package? I can see its huge benefit in Support Package though, so we can agree on that at least.

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      I know you weren't talking to me Fakker, but I just got a MOAB using Specialist, with Hardline Pro as my starting perk, and only 23 straight kills.  I got an assist at the beginning of the game, then one post-specialist bonus, so if I didn't start with Hardline Pro I would not have gotten the MOAB.