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My challenges are out of sync

I find that sometimes I get a challenge completed in game that doesn't match my challenge list.


Sometimes I get a complete in game but its not showning as completed (still some kills left) on the end game/challenge lists.(can't remember which way round it is so read this bit either way, ie could be comple in list but not in game).


Tonight I even had an in game complete but had this in my challlege list ...

hmm can't click the pic button. You can see it at http://i47.tinypic.com/2yv31jr.jpg


Shows the challenge:


Type 95


0XP                                                                                  Progress 60/0

Get 0 kills while looking throught the red dot sight attached to this weapon


Is there a way to reset my stats so they line up again?


It feels like the game and stats recording database are out of sync, I have had this for the last few prestiges so resetting then doesnt' appear to work.