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New idea for a shorter game timer for Kill Confirmed


I dont know about the rest of the community, but I am sick of seeing all these hey look at my moab(s) videos only to see that it was a party completely ignoring dog tags so they can get their precious moab videos for youtube. Hell I saw one on youtube other day the guys team ran nothing but uav/ballistic vest and portable radars and ignored so many tags the guy got a triple moab. The more I think about it there is no way the game should be able to go on that long to allow these idiots to pull this off.


This got me thinking why not put a 5-6 minute time on Kill Confirmed this would do 2 things

1: hopefully promote a less campy faster gameplay since the game is going to end much quicker.

2: it will limit the number of these hey look at me I am cool videos popping up all over the place. By placing a shorter timer on the game these youtube jokers just wont have the time to ignore tags forever and kill farm.

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    I think the timer is fine. had lots of games finish out when they degenerate into camp fests. Anybody good enough to MOAB, and wants to make vids, should feel free to do so. I just back out of games where I am getting whupped.

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    Personally, I think getting a pointstreak should only be gained by collecting the dog tag rather than getting the pointstreak before you or a teammate collects the dog tag.


    It'll encourage players to collect dog tags than to purposely ignore to allow the game to run for longer just for a MOAB or 100+ kill game.

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    wouldn't it be easier just to take out the moab instead of making games shorter that you can't earn 1 anyway.some people have the stupidest idea's.

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    As someone who only plays Kill Confirmed and is pretty good at it (#490 ATM) this is a completely retarded idea. Also, given the fact I won 30 out of 40 games today, it's not like not playing the objective doesn't net you a win.


    Because you aren't good enough or don't have good enough friends to get a MOAB doesn't mean you should stop others from being able to do so. To be honest, stop sucking and you won't get MOABed. I got 3 MOABs tonight, and I think we put up 12 total as a team, but we just kept winning.

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      HAHAHAHAHAHAH I love the assumptions going on

      1: This idea was about me being sick of seeing videos pop of of people blatantly ignoring tags to get moabs, and an idea to counter act the quasi stat boosting that goes along with it


      2: I have been MOAB'd 3 legit times in 420+ hours of game play won 2 out of those 3 games. The only other time I was forced into a mid match slaughter and the moab was called in 5 seconds after we joined, so please keep going with the assumptions.


      Judging by quite a few respones in most of these video posts I am not alone on the disdain for kill farming for moabs in objective modes.

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    Why just KC though? People can kill farm in ANY objective mode. Just as you have campers who will camp, you will have killwhores who will kill, nothing will stop that.


    Its not just killwhores going for moabs who ignore objectives though. There are plenty of terrible players who dont touch the objectives either. I played a game of KC the other day where I constantly had to confirm and deny tags that were right next to a bunch of splitscreeners who were camping and made no effort of getting the tags. These players finished the game negative with under a 1000 points each. Shortening the length of the game will not encourage any kind of player, be it weak or strong, to play the objective.


    At the end of the day, no one and nothing can force anyone to play or not play the objective, it is entirely a players own choice.

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    Like HQ before it KC has just become the latest haunt of the player who can't quite cut it in kill modes so come over to the objectives where they can delude themselves they do well by choosing the cheap option.

    The time limit is fine and nothing you can do to the mode will put off these people even removing the M.O.A.B wouldn't do it because it's more about racking up kills than anything else the M.O.A.B is just a bonus for them .

    I've learned to shake my head and just move on with the game after all it just means more pings for me.

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    I think that the collecting of the actual tag should count towards the killstreak,rather than the actual kill. This would encourage more people to play the game properly (collect tags)

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    I exclusively play HCKC and the time limit is fine.  Leave it alone.  If you get into a match and you're teamed up against an entire other clan, you should expect to be kill whored.  It's just what they do.  If I am running with my crew, and we are winning KC by at least 10 or 20 tags, we stop going for tags and just start kill whoring.  We never blatantly kill whore but if we are winning a match 59-23 and we don't want the game to end, we stop collecting tags.


    vims1990 & Thesandman have good ideas in that your kills only count towards your killstreak if you collect the tag.  So yes, there could be someone on the other team that is 50-0 but he isn't able to call in any kill streaks b/c he is completely ignoring the tags.  Makes sense to me. 

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      I was playing in a party of 5 with my new clan last night and we had 196 kills, 2 MOABs, a kid die on a 22 streak and me ending the game on 21 gun streak. After the game two of the other team that actually stuck around were ********. One guy said some generic comment about camping, kill whoring and using cheap weapons and his buddy said probably the most intelligent thing I've ever heard someone say, "It was our fault, think about it, if we were in a full party we'd do the same thing. Not their fault we are easy kills."


      So yea, kill whoring is part of the game. I don't like the idea of only collected tags counting toward a streak either. Not even from a kill whoring perspective, but in general, tags get denied all the time. I can't tell you the amount of times I've rushed a spawn, wiped out 3-5 guys, but in the process one or two tags get denied, even though I have all intention of confirming them. If you want to reward people for playing the objective, make it every 3 tags collected in one life counts as one point toward you're point streak.