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So I saw ten minutes of game play

I will apologise in advance for my tone/rant.


Well so far this game isn't doing much for me.  The traffic on these boards is pathetic.  The marketing of this game is, what exactly?  Michael Roacker, sorry idk how to spell his name.  His voice is going to be very annoying. 


Dear, Mr. Lamia was the plan to take this year off?  I don't really blame you after two very strong efforts with WaW and Black Ops. 


I know I am still in the knee jerk reaction phase of the latest cod but omg! 


One of the best things that Treyarch games do, does not appear to be present or have the ability to be present in this game.  That is historical relevance and the ability to totally get immersed in a world.  For example the look, sound and feel of war in the pacific islands or capturing the feel of the cold war.  The sun, heat the sound of cicadas the classic computer drive spinning on a reel to real bank of computers. 


So far I have seen "drones" flying and a giant walking metal dog, attacking our heros.  Now there is some personality.


What thirteen year old focus groups have you been listening to!?  There appears to be no personality in this thing.  It looks like the mission was to build a future sci fi ish cod game so you pulled out the old cookie cutter and went to town. 


The jury is still out but, like I said, so far this game isn't doing much for me.


Again sorry for my negativity I really like these games and I hate to see them go badly, see mw3.  I am sure I will still buy it.

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    Actually I thought some of that SP stuff was kinda cool; I really liked the non linier aspect of the first strike campaign.


    and i don't have a problem with looking forward.


    But my real concern is the Multi-player I don't play the single player (hell i never finished COD2-MW3)


    But if we don't hear something soon about RANKED/UN-RANKED DEDICATED server soon (and all they entail)


    I will be taking a closer look at MOH warfigfhter (even though I can't Stand EA)


    Do not kick the POC (pc only community) to the curb; Or we WILL walk.


    Poison_pawn POC

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      I think you should be good on the dedicated server front.  I know we know nothing about what Treyarch has planned but considering what we do know about past performance, I believe there will be some form of dedicated server.


      There is a couple different reasons why I think there will be dedicated servers.

           1.  The alternative is IWnet.  I am pretty sure IWnet is proprietary thing for IW and they would not let another company use it.

           2.  Even if they did consider IWnet, they know it is big time flawed.  Heck even IW put the ability to have servers in mw3 as an alternative. 

           3.  Treyarch used a server system for BO1.  I imagine they will use it again.


      I don't think we will see any mod tools only because we haven't seen any in years. 


      I pretty much freak out when ever I see a new cod game and completely hate it, then I buy it and play it and it is fine.  lol.  This has been the pattern for me with the exception of bozombies which I thought was a complete downgrade from the original and mw3 the whole game.


      I am troubled over the amount of traffic on these boards.  Not much going on.  I am sure it will break some sales record anyway.

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    They have done the old, time to try the new. With so many fans there are bound to be a few who will be displeased.


    As for the forums being dead well for one the forum layout sucks, and two once the MP reveal happens is when the traffic will pick up. Even with their lack of advertising Call of duty doesn't need to do it. They have already broken their pre order record and the game is still five months out.


    I won't mind the future as long as it's still a 3arc game unless they completely screw up and ignore everything they did in WaW and blackops. I don't want another MW3 that's for sure.

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      Ya I am one of the few that get off on the single player and think everyone should, .  I guess I am really missing the viral marketing campaign they put together last go around.


      I am sure you are correct the boards will pick up with the mp debut.


      In the end I it will be the same style of gameplay with a different atmosphere. 


      I think that is part of my concern.  WaW and BO cold war, had tangible points of reference when referencing the atmosphere of the game they knew what they were going after when they built it.  With BO2 it looks to me like the atmosphere is completely created.  There is no point of reference other than to project from what we have today.  Which has not happened yet so that feeling has not been plugged into collective psyche yet like the sun beating down on you fighting in the Pacific Islands or cruising up the Mekong delta blasting away on a .50 cal while the Stones serenade you with sympathy for the devil.


      With those games we visited places and events that were rooted in real life.  With this it appears that we are visiting a place that has yet to exist.

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      avengedyesterday wrote:


      They have already broken their pre order record and the game is still five months out.




      The fact that they've broken their pre order record means absolutely NOTHING!!


      That is including the Xbox sales and pre-orders...and since 1) that is the ONLY platform supported correctly and 2) gamers on Xbox don't realize how bad it is because the console has never had basic features that PC did (like lean, FoV, dedicated servers, etc)


      If you gave Xbox gamers a real dedicated server system, I can guarantee they would instantly look at P2P matchmaking and say "wow we've been getting screwed over BIG time, look at all these options, choices, and freedom... look at how much better the game plays and how there's no lag at all"


      That is why developers love the consoles so much (and Xbox in particular) because they know that the Xbox crowd has always had the lowest level of performance and refinement in their games, and it's by far the cheapest platform to develop a game on.


      Every stat for pre-orders and sales includes the Xbox audience, and since 99% of the Xbox audience are sheep they don't have to do anything to make the next title break record sales. (Think about it, every CoD on Xbox has broken pre-orders and sales records every year)


      The gaming industry is suffering from the cancerous tumor that is Xbox. Our only hope is the next gen platforms will shift attention back to either PC or PS3 so Xbox doesn't poison the industry with their exclusives and poor expectations.

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        Crazy, I am afraid, that while I completely agree with your sentiment on consoles and the effect they have on the gaming industry, that the xbox breaking pre-sale orders is very significant.


        xbox and microsoft is the 800 lb. gorilla that drives the cod franshise and Activision.  However distateful it is the pc is riding the coat tails of that relationship.


        It has been very interesting to watch how these business relationships have played out over the years.  While Activision has gotten in bed with Microsoft the other big bully on the street, EA, appears to have recognized the pc market as something to nurture. 


        As Activision and IW, with some subtle differences with Treyarch have pretty much abandoned the pc product in terms of support.  EA's latest shooter bf3 is top notch in terms of quality and support on the pc.  And the upcoming War Fighter looks like it will rival cod in terms of gameplay. 


        To me the natural progression of game releases would have EA release War Fighter opposite the IW effort as opposed to the Treyarch game just because Treyarch has traditionally done a bit better in pc support.  But they won't.


        Oh and by the way EA's version of Elite, Premium is not only offered to pc it was made for pc.  Weird huh?


        Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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          Now  that I have finally figured out the forums....


          This game I predict will be fail. I could give 2 sh**s about game sales . If activision gave as much effort into building a game for the fans  on all platforms rather than trying to win the hearts and minds through marketing the end result would be astronomical. <The reference to astronomical is in regard to game play and content, not sales.


          WAW and BLOps where great games. I eventually actually played through the SP on Blops. which is not the norm for me. Normally i buy the COD game strictly for the MP. Blops2 has been taken to a whole new  level and greatly over exaggerated in the process. None of this crap they have put in the game is even remotely feasible for roughly 13 years in the future (give or take). Like Smith said 3arch was always great about emersing you in a storied environment that lead to or from history. As corny as it sounds, things I see on the history channel or discovery (back when discovery was good) is fun to play out in game form.


          The game play footage and the LA drone attack footage was pretty disappointing. To me none of it was futuristic. More like Science Fiction, big difference. They say they did a ton of research, Really? When I saw it it looked like Halo raped COD black ops resulting in the birth of the bastard child Black Ops 2...


          I am a huge fan of the WAW zombies. It was done right, it kept you asking questions and kept it interesting the mystery behind it all. then came the dead presidents... Okay, WTF... Moving along... Then Call of the Dead double WTF... Now the talk is a campaign mode. How do you do that with Zombies in COD? We shall see. I will be spending 60 bucks on this game for Zombies . I truly believe that is what will sell this game to record breaking numbers not the SP or MP.

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            Let me retract on a previous statement. I MAY by this game for the Zombies... If Sarah Michelle Geller is in the new zombies game or George Romero for that matter... I will not buy the game.


            By the way... Where is JD2020? maybe i missed somthing is he still around? I miss JD and his wild eyes. Lamia makes me want to hurt people. Maybe JD and Robert Bowling hooked up on Bowlings new gaming company? Sorry for the random thought.

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    I really liked the Single player and the graphics looked much better than the ones in first Black Ops.

    Zombies will be awesome as usual, but I hope they have done a lot changes to the multiplayer and that they will work. And of course dedicated servers are must.