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Nintendo Presentation: Underwhelming

I don't know about you, but I'm excited for Wii Fit U, Just Dance 4, and Sing.


Good thing E3 isn't just that one hour presentation. The specs were released... kinda. I hope the link works.



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    Wii Fit U made me lose calories by making me yawn(quote). It really did.....I guess the concept of Wii Fit lost its appeal. Just Dance is annoying. I never liked dancing games, so I can't form an unbiased opinion on it. I can sing.... idk..



    Well...Zombie U really caught my attention. Stupid name. Good graphics. I didn't see any gameplay yet, but I heard it was amazing.


    When I heard that Arkham City was coming to Wii U....I didn't care that its a year old game, I crapped my pants. Really excited for it.....


    New Super Mario Bros U. Always happy for a mario game.


    Well, so far nintendo has satisfied and as always, leaving me hungry for more. I mean it in a good way though.

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    You would have thought they try to appeal to core gamers, but all I saw was ZombiU, Arkham City (old news), and Assassin's Creed 3 which was briefly mentioned. They spent too much time yammering about stuff we already knew and those three games I mentioned. The presentation was underwhelming.

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    Sadly true.. this conference for hardcore gamers was a big fail only ZombiU, for investors? who knows and i dont know anything about spec so i cant say if thats good or  bad..

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    god this is gonna suck,



    "we want the hardcore gamer back"  yea just dance gets them back yea /sarcasm.

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    I think that for now, most gaming developers are afraid that the Wii U will be a failure, so they don't want to spend time and money making games for the Wii U. Of course, Ubisoft...being Ubisoft, they want to be the first ones in line to make games for the Wii U. Its a risk, since nobody knows wether the Wii U will be a success or a failure.


    The way I see it, if the price is right and the release date is set at the right moment.....the Wii U can become the king of all consoles(at least for now). We will just have to wait........Which is something we're used to. We are the wii community

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    lol, and it will not change, crappy support, crappy games blablabla same story but with an extra letter

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    Well, I was unable to see the E3, I just couldn't find the time to see it and I got to head to bed soon so I can wake up early for work again.


    I like the link you posted, though it doesn't seem to give anything that I could consider as  new info.


    I'm curious, will there be more Nintendo related E3 stuff coming or was this it?


    I guess there was nothing about the confirmed release date, price?


    And BO2 for Wii U isn't sure yet?

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    I agree...watched it from work...YAWN...  Nothing appealed to me.  It really was geared for family entertainment (nintendoland?  really?).  Perhaps nintendo should redefine the term hardcore gamer.  Underwhelmed and a little disconcerting that the final specs are not released.  They were the keynote.  It was their show!  And they screwed the pooch.

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    Yup ...

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