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Leave the model alone!

The model is my fave shotgun and it does not need a buff. I unlocked it with a token and still get one hit kills 90% of the time close or far range.

It kills with 4-5 pellets out of eight without damage and 3-4 with it. It can kill someone wearing a vest with one shot with damage. The lever action is fast enough to take on a group if you play right.


The model is good the way it is it's ether lag or people just can't use the gun is why they're complaining.

Plus people will start complaining it's OP and will get nerfed to worse than it is now-.-


I got about 7000 kills with about 6000 deaths (thx to final stand and dead mans hand) i don't know where i was going with that so just don't buff the model or we'll have people complaining its OP before it gets nerfed to hell.

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    I started a thread about buffs/nerfs because I heard they are goin to mess with the PM-9 (buff) which is my favorite gun lol. I just started using the model and its freakin awsome prolly my new favorite shotty, close to the AA-12 which will always be close to my heart. Throw in the G18 with ext mags and these are all my favorite guns. I understand where your coming from. I doubt a buff will effect your personal gameplay with it that much but you never know. Plus if they end up nerfing its hard to say what it will turn into. I feel you bro. Not to sound selfish but I dont want anyone using my guns if they dont like them the way they are.

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    the model is beast the range is pretty good for as*holes with snipers. :Dodge sniper bullets: 1hko

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    Lol Don't worry about that selfish part cause thats another reason why i don't want this buff so people who don't know how to use it before can do it now.


    It's slap in the face really to the ones who are dedicated to the weapon learn how to use it the hard way when others are going to use it the easy way by complaining. And i liked making others rage and try to kill me with their shotgun but still own them with the model (shotgun effect i call it when people see someone doing good with one and try to out do that person by using their own shotgun)


    Selfish i know but i always liked being one of the few players (that i see anyways) to use a model and beast with it.



    P.s Lol i also used the aa-12 pm-9 and g-18 with extended (i'll have to start using them again once i'm done prestiging for good :D :/ miss having a gold model)

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    Lol don't forget Fmg'9s. They can't do anything to you unless you miss or hit marker(unlikly)

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    After having this shotgun gold, and even completing the 2500 kills challenge with the model, I can definitely say that the Model NEEDS a buff. The fact that it is lever action feature kills this gun. Now just add bigger crosshairs & wider spread of pellets  & you've got the model.This shotgun is a joke compared to the other shottys.

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    If you dont like the Model then maybe its just not for you? Thats not a bad thing its just the way it is. A good example is with me, I dont like the MP7 tho everyone else loves and does really good with it. And it looks awesome lol. Its just not for me. I love the Model and I havnt even ranked it up to damage yet. I love all the shottys lol. I wouldnt even recommend wasting your 3rd tier perk on steady aim with any shotty. If your new to shottys maybe try steady aim to help you out a little. But once you get the hang of it you wont need it. The Model prolly has the biggest spread of all the shottys (tho im not sure). I dont want them to mess with it because its hard to say what will happen after that.

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    I havnt ranked up the PM-9 or the AA-12 in several prestiges, just to many other good guns lol. Used tokens on both tho but dont regret it cause I have them now just in case. I want to use a token on the Model so bad but I let my son take over the token decision making since like 5th or 6th prestige lol.

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    I agree with the OP. I don't use shotguns, but I see the 1887 a lot in HC and its already beastly. Buffing it? Well you might as well just go back to the dual 1887 days of MW2. Will make it a nightmare to play against.

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    Compared to guns like the lmgs, acr, mk14 and snipers that all kill in one bullet from any range in hard core shotguns in hardcore suck donkey balls.  When every gun effectively has a one shot kill the only category of weapons that have limited range are the least useful.  All those weapons I listed will kill as fast as someone using any shotgun but they can do it from accross the map and at a much higher fire rate.  Shotguns are almost useless in HC.

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