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how do i set up ports for my ps3 mw3 it freezes everytime im going to start a multiplayer match. i have the ports that i need to open ?

ok so last night i could play mw3 and i could go into multiplayer online but today as soon as the match is about to start the sound goes off and moments later it freezes. i dont know why.activision hangs up everytime i call and all psn does is tell me to restore and they sent me a cople of ports that need to be open and i go into the router menu and click on port forwarding/port triggering ive tried port forwarding and it dosnt work.the port numbers psn gave me are tcp:80,443,465,983,5223 and 10070-10080 udp ports 3478,3479,3658,10070 it says     

add new service i click on that

then it has 

4 areas the first one 

service name. i just put name 1         

service type:tcp/udp         

starting port:i put 80    

ending port:i put 80         

now on my ps3 setting and connections list it says my ip addres is 19*.***.1.3 and then my default roter and primary dns it says the same exept the last number is a 1 so on the fourth area it says     

server ip addres i put the one that ends in 3 and i apply them but its not working and i dont know what to do im hopin you guys will please tell me how to fix it and what the port trigger is if i have to do something to that? but when i play b.o online i can go into the multiplayer and play fine and if i do campaign in mw3 i can still play fine so im sure its not the disc?