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Double Weapon XP.......makes a new game


I dont know bout yall. But since the double wepon xp iv found myself lovin this game !!!

     Now iv been getting killed by all sorts of weapons.....i freeekin love it. I now find myseld laughin and sayin "good kill" on my mic...iv been hearing people not vent or rant about dumb stuff. Its been a great day for MW3....thats just my opinion tho.

      Im sure down the like like sunday or so imma get pissed about a pm9 killing me or even a FAD.....but right now it feels like this game just came out !!!!!!!

      Good call IW......and those who wanna play, "my clan consists of "beiber fever" im HotRodGod on psn......hit me up.....we will haave a blast !!!!!!