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FFA Gunplay playlists are messed up

Today while playing FFA Gunplay, I noticed several problems:


1. No Tactical knife in OIC


2. No Radar in OIC after 3 people remain


3. No "Select" option while spectating in OIC


4. No SOH in AoN


5. No Dead Silence in AoN


6. If you are spectating in OIC after joining a game in progress, you get kicked after 45 seconds


I really hope this BS gets fixed fast, I really love OIC and AoN

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    Is nobody else having this problem? I am playing on PS3

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      Personally, I haven't noticed that, but I have noticed that OIC seems to be getting far too much attention and that it's far too frequent.


      But on your subject, I've been in about 20 OIC matches in the past half hour (Not even joking...), and I have tac knife, it's just not working for me... Everyone else can knife me fine, even when they're not looking at me, but whether I'm looking at them or not, I seem to have to be right in thier ass to kill them with it...


      SOH should be either the second or third perk on your Specialist package in AoN, but if it's not visable, then they may have moved it to where you have to get your Specialist Streak in order to use it, same with Dead Silence.


      As for Spectating, I usually just leave OIC matches if I'm forced to spectate because I find it pointless to watch a match from someone else's point of view, especially if they're just laying in a corner or something. (Though not ALL OIC winners do that, and I don't accuse anyone of it)