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Not being able to Name & Shame is BS. Plain and simple.

Hear me out:


Whats so wrong with typing someones gamertag on here? You can post your own, but not someone elses?


Now, don't get me wrong, Im not about to go posting up randoms IDs, of course not, but cheating, hacking, glitching, boosting scum need to know that if they do what they do, their name will be up here for all to see and be on the list of losers who cheat.


But, if you watch the news, does a sex offender get to have his name protected? No, so why should the COD equivelant be any different. Cos if you sit in a bush with ur friend, ramming flares up his @$$, you a COD Sex Offender, and Offenders needs to be prosecuted and named and shamed.


Its bad enough that all my in-game reports fall by the wayside (I've checked all my in-game reportees, and none were banned at all ), now I go one twitter, and have yet to get anyone banned from the IW Enforcers, even though these guys were boosting for like 9 games straight.


This is supposed to be an American forum, what happened to freedom of speech? Maybe I cant type his gamertag but havn't seen anything pertaining to releasing of actual names (i.e Joe Soap) So I can type a real name but not a GT? So stupid, typical COD:MW3 backwardness.


I ask, whats the big hoopla about having a sub-section, monitored by that famous IW Ban Team, where we can upload theatre clips, along with the culprits, there's your proof, ban them, move on, no need to "investigate", it would literally take 10 seconds to go "Yep, thats boosting, I'll type his GT into the banhammer machine, click 48hours stat reset and Eureka! Look how long that took to ban a booster, not the 14-21 days you probably claim it takes.


Nothing about this topic breaks the CoC, if it gets taken down, you'll know that we'll never win the fight against boosters, if the moderators are on their side. And if Foxy wants to stick his nose in here, Im asking you to explain why we can't Name n' Shame, and don't gimme that crap of "Its against the CoC", thats NOT an answer. It's like saying "Your under arrest", "For What", "Breaking the Law", you gotta explain why!

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    I just found your thread. We're a week out, it's better to PM us these kinds of questions, but let's take it from the top anyway.


    Reporting 101: The Basic Truth


    The proper method of handling a cheater, glitcher, or other form of Online Code of Conduct violation is to report them in game. Contrary to popular belief, the utilization of IW Enforcement's social media accounts or contact via a forum PM or email is entirely optional. That would also be the actual IW Enforcement team, not the group of gamers given an unofficial title.


    That's it. At this point, one should carry on and continue playing. Keeping a list of the amount of people you have reported and checking in on them is exceeding your responsibilities. Bringing them to our forum to "air them out" and expose them for their dirty deeds fits in there too.


    Why are users prohibited from posting gamertags, usernames, PSN IDs or Wii IGNs?


    While you may feel that these people are the "scum," they are still people. You are subject to our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. By posting their names, with or without evidence or their presence, you are ultimately causing distress and embarrassment to said person. It's a core violation.


    Additionally, users may feel the urge to send these cheaters a message. Similar to a "na na na na na na boo boo, they caught you" taunt. This kind of harassment executed on external services could be considered harassment as well. This would ultimately place someone who at some point was innocent of any violations right along side the in-game offenders with a different policy enforcement team. I and others don't want our site to be a platform for such possibilities, thus we request that reports are sent confidentially and that name-and-shames don't happen.


    This is supposed to be an American forum [...]


    No. Our forum is definitely occupied by many that speak a form of English, but it is not specifically an American forum. You also agreed to our Terms of Use upon registering your account. We have the right to remove, edit, or delete content, among other things, entirely at our discretion. And no. You can't post someone's personal information, including their actual name, in the same manner. Our rules aren't backwards, your interpretation is simply incorrect.


    So, there's the reason and a bit extra dialogue.



    TL;DR: A.K.A The short version.


    - It is against the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use.

    - Name-and-shame can lead to harassment, which leads to third-party violations of third party Terms of Use(s)/Service(s) documents, and we don't want our forum to be a platform for that.

    - No, this isn't an American forum. The Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, which you agreed to, allows us to remove and edit content at our sole discretion.



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      Maybe if they actually did something about the people who've been shamed we wouldn't feel a need to name and shame. Granted its a game, but when others are ruining the game for others shouldn't that be a first hand concern of the IW whatever team? Boosting, glitching, exploiting are all things that ruin the game for others and you give us the ability to report them. But when you put in earplugs when we blow the whistle we get a little upset, and understandably so. One guy got named and he came to the forums to defend himself and posted some rather SELF-INCRIMINATING evidence of cheating during an op... Did IW do anything about said boosters? Of course not, so the player posted his name and a score of the game he was in where both sides were low on kills but high on score during the domination clan op. IW is a joke when it comes to enforcement. Step up your game and we won't have to shame them.


      Short answer...

      Do something about the cheaters and boosters we report and we won't feel the need to name and shame.

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        I'm not part of the IW Enforcemnt team, but to assume that they don't do anything is entirely ignorant.


        Your statement doesn't even make sense. "Maybe if they actually did something about the people who've been shamed we wouldn't feel a need to name and shame."


        What? No. Follow the steps for reporting. Those that have violated the Online Code of Conduct will be brought to justice eventually. We obviously can't know when, but it will happen.


        Edit: Name-and-shame is still a violation of our Code of Conduct and Terms of Use. Additionally, "let some good old fashioned old west justice occur with us shaming the offender" is exactly the kind of platform we don't want our forums to be. The act of name-and-shaming will be prohibited indefinitely.

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          I've reported people since the beginning. I even took a videos and sent it to the proper social media accounts of people exploiting glitches, boosting and outright cheating. I still see those people playing despite repeatedly reporting them for their behavior.


          The enforcement team does nothing because once we've bought the game, the company has no obligation to care for the customer. Call of Duty is still running on a heavily modifier quake engine and mw3 is just a reskinned mw2. If they put in such half (blank) efforts then why do we expect the enforcement team to do anything?


          MW3 put such a bad taste in my mouth over the franchise that I skipped buying Black Ops 2 and I'm thinking of either quitting the FPS genre all together or going to play Battlefield.

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      I actually agree with both you and the author of this particular post...while I would ahere to the code of conduct as I like these forums and being a part of the CoD community,  I also have to agree that (although wrong) naming and shaming would be the very least of what some of these people (yes I agree that they are people too) deserve...I mean, if this were the old west circa 1880, these people would not only have been named or shamed, they'd be hung or shot dead in the streets by their accusers, so name and shame would have been the least of their problems...however, this is no longer the old west nor is it my decision to make and therefore I refrain from doing so...but I have to admit I do not, will not, nor will I ever feel sorry for cretins that feel that they don't have to play fair in any sense of those words.  I won't name and shame, but I won't stop those that would because again, I don't feel sorry for those busted with their pants down AND with both their hands in the "cookie jar," so to speak, and those dirty little bastards that do this kind of thing shamelessly really do deserve whatever they got coming to them...and I feel that while you will never see me doing it, as I have said, whenever they DO get "named and shamed," it's hard to argue (I would never argue for their case, btw) that they DIDN'T have it coming.

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    u said wat happened to freedom of speech have u forgotten every1 is innocent until proven guilty

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    Gosh...so much we are doing something about boosting talk from you people but i have to say it's so sad cos you really don't and it's just getting worse...i should be up in the top 1000 in mw3 domination ranking, just look at the number of kills/captures/defends (can't you guys see those numbers?) so how come i'm down to about 56000 in ranking? how come so many people with hardly any kills/captures/defends are above me? how come? are they not boosting? is that not cheating? how do they have more score than me but far less kills/ccaptures/defends? and you guys say you are doing something about boosting...sure you are...NOTHING! this is from the United kingdom by the way.

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    an idea...why don't you play a game online now and then because every game i play i meet at least one, sometimes up to 3 or 4 boosters and i notice many leave when they see my stats cos they really show how much they have been boosting...sad you guys just do NOT do anything...and can't you see they rankings? look at the scores and work out how someone who has played so few games has so much score??? is it so difficult to do that?